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School Store Renovations

Henry Sternberg, Writer

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The school store is being renovated by New Milford High School’s Student Council. The school store closed on February 9, and on February 13 Natalie Benoit (’17), Keira Collazo (’17), and Henry Sternberg (’17) went shopping for the supplies to renovate the school store. They bought stain, a curtain rod, curtains, gloves, painter’s tape, rags, a drop tarp, and wipes.

The Student Council has big plans, some of which are already underway. Student Council met and scraped the paint off the small window of the school store door. While the green and white paint spelling NMHS was school spirited, it appeared messy. The Student Council is planning on staining the counter a dark black. After staining the counter, Student Council will be in charge of setting up a display case in the front window. They will set up a curtain as a backdrop for the display. The display window will contain photos of students and food the school store sells.

The computers and printer in the school store are also being fixed.

Natalie Benoit, Student Council President, said, “It is exciting to be part of a group that has the capacity to leave a permanent change in the school. It’s nice to know that we, as students, can make renovations to something we use so often like the school store. Even though the trip to Home Depot was demanding, I am glad to have a direct influence in what will happen.”

Kiera Collazo, School Store manager, said,  “I’m glad it’s getting an update and I think more people will start going in there after it’s done. It is a big project, but it should also leave a big impact.”

Mrs. Chellani, Student Council Adviser, said, “I think it is a good thing to keep the school store up to date with regards to student and school needs. I also believe renovating the school store is a good way to prevent it from deteriorating.”

The renovations are centered around the goal of making the school store more official and organized. The store school will become less of a hangout and more of a store, with a few computers for students to take advantage of.

Student Council will meet on an upcoming weekend to finish the renovations. Stay on the lookout!

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School Store Renovations