Summer Bucketlist

Malvina Giannoulis, Writer

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Sunny weather, beach days, and warm nights are just some of the perks of the summer months. How am I going to spend my summer? A constant thought during the long, hot school days. Summer is a time for opportunities to discover new hobbies, bond with friends, and check things off your summer bucket list.


What is a summer bucket list? A summer bucket list is all goals you want to achieve, adventures you want to go on, places you want to see and more. The point is to try and do, if not all, but as many as you can before the summer ends. The ideas you have on your list can be just for you or for a group of friends. The possibilities are limitless; your ideas can be something crazy or just something simple you’ve never had time to do.


Go to the beach at least once. When you think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind for many people, is the beach or swimming. Going to the beach does not necessarily mean you have to go into the ocean, you can just enjoy the sand and the sun while you relax. Also, some beaches have boardwalks filled with tons of stores, rides, and games that can be fun to visit too.


Find a new hobby. Since there is no school, you may find yourself with lots of spare time. In this time you can try out a new hobby. Some hobbies could be taking part in sports activities, scrapbooking, art, photography, trying to learn an instrument, gardening, etc. The options are endless.


Get a job. If you want to be productive over your long break, getting a job is a great thing. Summer jobs will give you experience for future jobs and along the way you can make a little money for yourself. There are many jobs you can apply for like, a camp counselor, working at a restaurant, tutoring, working in a department store, babysitting, and tons more.


Watch fireworks, the sunset, or go stargazing. These are all simple things you can do to see something beautiful. A great time to watch fireworks is the 4th of July, but if you want to go stargazing or watch the sunset, that can be done any day or night.


Go to a concert. Everyone has a favorite band or artist they listen to. Check for local concerts to see if any bands that you like are playing. It would be a good opportunity to see them play live and have a fun time.


Run a marathon, or do a Color Run. This is a fun way to get some exercise and it can be done together with friends and family, all supporting each other.


Spend a whole day watching movies. There is guaranteed to be more than one rainy day throughout the summer, a day where you just want to spend the entire time relaxing. If you ever have a list of movie you want to see, now is the time to watch them and see how many you can watch in one day.


Go to a theme park or water park. For those who like rides or want to cool off on a hot summer day a trip to theme park or water park can be a good trip to make. Some examples are Six Flags, Dorney Park, Mountain Creek, and more. Taking a trip to the zoo is another fun day trip too.


Donate to others in need. Find the time to clean out your closet and donate old or unwanted clothes to those in need. You can also have a garage sale and whatever you don’t sell you can donate to a charity.


Have a water balloon fight or a paint war. Ever find yourself bored one day? Get with a large group of friends and fill as many water balloons as you can and have an epic balloon fight. A twist from just a regular water balloon fight is that you can fill balloons with a mixture of paint and water.


Go to a sporting event. Whether it you go to support your town’s team or a professional game, there are many sporting events that take place throughout the summer.


Whatever you do this summer, make sure to make it count. Try to do as many new things as possible so you can check them off your own summer bucket list. Before you know it school will be back, so make sure to have as much fun as you can over these next few months before it is time to go back to work!

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