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Student Reactions to the Auditorium

Students inside the new auditorium on Wednesday November 19, 2014.

Students inside the new auditorium on Wednesday November 19, 2014.

Students inside the new auditorium on Wednesday November 19, 2014.

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Over the summer at New Milford High School, a reconstruction project occurred. The high school auditorium was given a huge makeover, and recently it was unveiled to the students at the school.

Last school year, close to the end of the year, superintendent Michael Polizzi stated that renovations to the school district would occur. At Berkley Elementary School, the old, out-dated boilers were replaced for new ones while at the other elementary school, Gibbs Elementary School, the main office had bulletproof windows installed to protect the staff and students.  At David E. Owens Middle School, a roof restoration project occurred and at New Milford High School, the entire auditorium was renovated.

The new renovations at the high school included an entirely new paint job, seating, and carpeting, which all happened during the summer within a month. It was the culmination of the efforts of many local volunteers such as Mark Flores, president of the high school’s Musical Theater Boosters, Yamen Yambao, owner of LCM Contracting Inc as well as teachers of New Milford High School including Mr. Peter Torpie and Ms. Lauren Bettini.

Now that the school has been up and running for about 2 months, the renovations have been revealed to everyone. The first ever to use the new auditorium were the teachers that came from all over the country to attend a teaching convention known as Edscape held by New Milford High School’s former principal, Eric Sheninger on October 18.

The students at New Milford High School had attended the unveiling of the new auditorium just recently and most were impressed with it, while others felt like it could have looked better.

Yoshika Takezawa, a student at New Milford High School, stated that she liked the new auditorium. “I like that the colors match the school colors,” she explained. “The only thing I really dislike is the curtains! Everything else is green and white while [the curtains] are red. It looks like it doesn’t fit there. Before the renovations were done, they did match but now it looks awkward.”

Another student at New Milford High School, Alyssa Tarquini, expressed her displeasure with the new renovations. “I don’t like it. It’s too green and it’s the same shade of green everywhere you look.”

She further explained, “I like being able to walk on the carpet without feeling like I have to sanitize my shoes after I walk on it but at the same time I dislike the use of only one color. The majority of it is green and it seems like it’s an excuse to only use one school color when we have others to choose from.”

The auditorium is yet to be fully completed but for the time being, it seems many are pleased with how it looks now and expect more in the future.

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Student Reactions to the Auditorium