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Mrs. Lynn Torpie

Mrs. Lynn Torpie

Marco Aranas

Marco Aranas

Mrs. Lynn Torpie

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New Milford High School’s clubs are always busy with the different activities they take part in. With the numerous clubs that are available, countless numbers of events are always lined up for the members.

The Math Club takes part in different competitions which, of course, are based off of practice problems. Members are able to participate in competitions against other schools which allows them to not only improve their math skills but also interact with others around them that share the same interests.

The adviser of the Math Club, Mrs. Joyce Schreiber, states that the team has weekly practices which “involve practicing high level mathematical problems to prepare for competition and improve skill.”

She further explains, “We compete against various towns including Bergenfield, Tenafly, Dumont, and River Dell and we participate in the Bergen County math league.”

Sarah Almeda, a junior as well as a dedicated member of the Math Club, says that she gets to contribute to her school which makes it enjoyable. “It gives me a chance to show that sports teams won’t always be the best team, because there are others, too.”

One floor below where Mrs. Schreiber works with the math club, Mrs. Lisette Morel works with her students that have a passion for art in Art Club. “We paint, draw, and create art.”

Mrs. Morel says, “As individuals, [art] allows us to express ourselves and a student may realize the world may communicate with them in different forms as it is a communication tool. Art is not merely just expression, but it is communication.”

The Environmental Club was recently featured in a spotlight on The Lance with the different activities that adviser Mrs. Lynn Torpie sets up for students. Mrs. Torpie shows a strong passion for the Environmental Club as she loves nature and the outside world. She feels strongly about caring for something that is important to her.

Mrs. Torpie says, “For students, [Environmental Club] is both an introduction to the outdoors and real world problems. I think it’s important for them to realize that they may have an impact with environmental activities.”

Mrs. Torpie feels that if people can choose the options to help out, even the smallest can change and make a better world for all of us. As she says, “No good deed is too small to make a great impact.”

NMHS’s clubs do not disappoint with activities so far and most definitely will not with the things they will do in the future. If you are interested in any of these clubs, give it a chance in the future because you will most likely find a club that you will enjoy before your career at NMHS ends. Participating in these various clubs will allow oneself to develop their mind, their influence, their character, and assist in building who they will be in future years.


Mrs. Joyce Schreiber


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