Top 3 Instagram-Worthy Food Stops in New Milford

Brittaney Estrella, Webmaster

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1. Glaze Donuts

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Glaze Donuts is a young business in New Milford but has really become a local favorite. Located on River Road right next to the high school, their wide variety of donuts are to die for and people come from all over to try them. Their donuts are tasty but also photogenic being that you almost always want to take a picture before you devour it. Pictured left is one of their donuts which is inspired by the famous “Mounds” candy. Pictured right you can see they have so many donuts to choose from and they almost never disappoint.

2. Pancho’s Burritos

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(images via Yelp)

Pancho’s Burritos knows what it’s doing when it comes to fresh Mexican food. Their burritos are enormous and are big enough to eat alone as a meal. Not only is their food great, but Yelp users rave about their mixed drinks which are not only pleasing to the consumer, but also pleasing to the eye, thus making them one of the top 3 Instagram worthy food spots in New Milford.

3. Roman’s Pizzeria and Restaurant

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Last, but certainly not least, is Roman’s, my pizzeria of choice in New Milford. Not only is their customer service great, their prices are, too, and their food is amazing. You get what you pay for and their variety of pizza toppings is always a treat when you want to try something new.