High School Sweethearts

High School Sweethearts

Elijah Powell, Staff Writer Opinion Editor

With graduation creeping closer and closer into my reality, I find myself rethinking my high school career and judging myself based on what I should have done differently in these last four years. And while many of my fellow seniors can be found in the hallways laughing, smiling, and indulging in senioritis, I’m sure they have their share of regrets, too. For any freshmen who need some pointers on how to enjoy high school to the fullest, here’s a short guide from a senior that has lived through the journey.


1) Don’t enter with high expectations for high school, but with high expectations for yourself. High school is far from what you may have seen on television, and your experience will be as unique as you are. Focus on using your time here to better yourself. This will make your four years worthwhile.


2)  Try not to focus too much on finding a significant other. Sorry to be harsh, but high school is not the time for that. However, if you do happen to like someone, think about why you like them and if they are really going to be worth chasing in the long run. Know the person inside out before trying to date them, because if you get into a relationship with them, what you don’t know can ruin the whole thing and make the breaking up process that much more painful. Try to just focus on increasing your grade point average, because when you graduate that will be the most important thing colleges look at besides SAT scores or community service hours and other extracurricular activities. Speaking of which…


3)  Start doing community service as soon as possible. Not only will you feel a sense of fulfillment from helping others, but if you stay consistent with it, it could make you more attractive for colleges recruiting students just as aggressively as the Marines do. Also, evaluate your interests and find clubs, electives, or any other kind of extracurricular activities that you can exercise those interests in. The more, the better. This will also make you a more attractive target for colleges whose pockets are overflowing with scholarship money.


4)  Stick with people who will do the same for you as you would for them. For example, if you lend a dollar to someone and don’t really mind them paying you back, and then that person lets you borrow a dollar and doesn’t really mind that you don’t pay them back, that person is someone you should stick with. If a person you call a friend won’t scratch your back after you just finished scratching theirs, they’re not a friend. Or not a good one to say the least. Stick with people who keep it real with you and exclude any acquaintances that do not benefit you emotionally. This means less drama. With all the schoolwork you’re going to be loaded with, there is no room for an excess of social stress. Also, be friends with people who think like you and have similar or identical goals and ambitions. This will make the friendships more fruitful as you support each other, share ideas, and motivate each other to reach the top.


5)  Finally, be true to yourself. It sounds like a corny ending to a children’s book, but they put those lessons in children’s books for a reason (to stick principles into our heads from an early age, making us more likely to stick to them). Do what you want to do, not what outside forces tell you, unless it is advice that you know comes from a genuine and knowledgeable place. There’s going to be a lot of pressure coming from many places while you’re in high school. Sort through them and if you don’t know how, look to someone who has and has done so in a positive way, heeding positive results. No matter how dark the present may be, know that your future is bright and that if you work hard enough, you will see that light. But only by staying true to yourself can you reach your destination.

I guess this is where I say that I wish I had people to tell me this when I was a freshman, but the fact is that I did and I didn’t listen because I thought I had everything figured out. I most certainly did not. So please use these tips as tools in your arsenal as you trudge into the war that is high school, because by doing so you can win and find the peace in it all.

Sincerely yours, A Pensive Senior