How to Improve Your Grades

A student doing her classwork.

Erika Ramos

A student doing her classwork.

Erika Ramos, Blog Editor

As the third marking period comes to an end on Monday the 20th, many students are rushing to boost their grades. Since many students fell short this marking period due to Spring Break, PARCC testing, and the spring weather starting to kick in, everyone could use a helping hand on how to improve your grades.

Here are six simple tips that can help your grades before grades are due!


  1. Talk to your teachers. Ask them where you’re falling short, they can help you figure out where you need to improve and give you tips. Extra help is a great way to improve your knowledge on subjects that you went over in class that you might not have understood, but with one on one help, you can finally get it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra credit. If you approach your teachers, most will be nice and give you some sort of assignment to help your grade. Whether it’s make up work, a retake, or something new just to give you some points, anything helps!
  3. Stay focused in class.No matter how hard it is, pay attention during all of your classes. If you pay attention in class, there’s a good chance most of the information will stick with you. Taking good notes also helps with remembering what you did, and helps when you need to study for that test/quiz most teachers throw in before the end of the marking period.
  4. Go to extra help. Staying after class gives you a chance to ask questions you might have been too scared to ask during the period. Having a one-on-one help session with your teacher makes the topics you went over clearer. It always looks good to stay after, too, because it shows the teacher how hard you’re willing to try to raise your grade.
  5. Don’t fall behind in class or on homework. Most people tend to do poorly in their classes because of the lack of effort. Don’t let yourself become lazy just because it’s spring outside, always do your assignments and homework because they’re easy ways to help your grade.
  6. Don’t give up. Towards the end of the marking period, some students just accept their grade and don’t put any effort into changing it. That’s the only definite way that you won’t improve.