How to Become a Better Reader

How to Become a Better Reader

Kassidy Barone, Politics Editor

Many people enjoy reading a variety of books. If you are a reader, then you possibly read often. Have you ever wanted to improve your reading skills and comprehension? Have you ever wanted to become a better reader in general? Here are some steps to help you become a better reader:

1. Find a quiet place to read so you won’t be disturbed. When you are trying to read in a place or spot where there’s a lot of noise, you tend to become distracted by what is happening around you. As a result, you cannot focus on what you are reading. To avoid distraction, you can lock yourself in your room or even read in your backyard if you have one. By avoiding distraction, you focus more on the book and are able to think while you read. A quiet place is an ideal place for people that are heavy readers. You clearly think and focus when things are calm and serene, not when things are noisy and distracting.

2. Find a book that interests you. Pick out a book that you would actually like to read. When I pick out a handful of books to read, I find one book I don’t like. When I read a couple of the pages, I become uninterested, especially when it is a boring topic. To make sure that you like the book, read the back of the book or maybe even look up reviews online or a summary to see if you like it or not. I would also suggest reading a couple of pages. Nobody wants to read a book that turns them off. Reading a book that you don’t like prevents you from becoming a better reader because in order to become a better reader you need to pay close attention to what you are reading. If you don’t like the book, you will be less aware of important details or events happening in the book. Choose a book that you would love to read over and over again!

3. Pay attention to the characters, the plot, symbols, and events. The most important part to me when it comes to reading is paying close attention to big things that make up the novel. In order to become a better reader, you need to take mental or physical notes of things that might help you understand.  If it helps to write down important things about a specific character or event that happens, then go ahead and write away. I personally write down notes to understand the novel better. If you don’t understand one part in a novel, then how will you understand the whole novel? You need to understand EVERYTHING in the novel in order to become a better reader. If you have trouble, try to think more and question things. That will surely help. You can read at a medium speed, but make sure to focus. Don’t ever rush your reading. When you rush, you miss things and that won’t do any good for those who want to improve.

4. Read Often. When you read a lot, you get more book-intelligent meaning you improve your reading skills. If you only read books once in a while or rarely, you won’t get better. It is good to read at least one book a week or even two. If you stop reading completely, you lose interest so I think that it’s good to read continuously. I would highly suggest reading a few pages each day or even two or three chapters. But make sure to not skim over any sentences or miss anything, meaning don’t rush when you read. You can read a lot in one day but make sure you take in all of the information you are getting.

5. Talk to your friends. If you have friends that are heavy readers like you, maybe you could get some advice or tips from them on how to become better at reading. You could ask them what they do while they read meaning how do they help themselves better understand the novel. I would suggest reading the same book as your friend because you could possibly have a reading session almost every week and pick apart complicated things in the novel together and help each other understand it. After that, you could read on your own and take what you and your friend did together and apply it to the way you go about the reading process. Once you find a different mindset when it comes to reading, you are set and on your way. It is good to know how other people see things and how others think because you could decide to apply it to how you read and along the way you will find new ways to look about things. You could possibly see things in a new light.

Many people love to read and many people want to become better at reading. These ways will help you become a better reader than you are currently. If you struggle, these steps will help you. Be dedicated and always be on top of all of these steps and you will be an amazing reader! Get your read on!