How to stay awake during class


Jasmine Viviani, How To

Going to the same classes every day and learning new things every day can get kind of boring. Also due to amounts of work students do after school can lead to lack of sleep. Some students fall asleep during class which interferes with their learning experience. Here are ways to stay awake in class:


  1. If you are allowed to work in class on an assignment try to get it done by the end of the period. If you get it done or mostly done then you have less work for after school. It also keeps you occupied and awake in class.
  2. Go to sleep at a reasonable time. If one goes to sleep past midnight it will cause them to be sleepy and tired throughout the day. Pick out your outfit the night before so it gives you more time in the morning to sleep.
  3. During lunch eat and then try to take a fifteen minute nap because naps restore the brain. Then they will have more energy for the second half of the day.
  4. If the teacher allows one to listen to music while working then music can help, especially if loud, to keep one awake.
  5. Drink coffee because it blocks the chemicals in the brain that make you tired so by default you stay awake for a few more hours.