How to Make Easy Money

How to Make Easy Money

Kassidy Barone, Politics Editor

Jobs aren’t easy to get these days in the economy we live in. If you are a high school student and don’t have a job, there are some ways to make some easy cash. Here is how to do it:

Walk dogs. If you by any chance have a neighbor that has a dog or two, you could offer to walk their dogs if they don’t feel like taking them out for a walk. Especially if you have an elderly neighbor, some elderly people probably won’t want to walk their dogs every single day. If they do, you could offer to take their dogs out for a walk and let them relax for a day or two. They would most likely appreciate it and in return give you some money. If you don’t have any people in your neighborhood that have dogs, you could possibly put it out there that you are a dog walker and get yourself noticed. Personally, I would post it on Facebook and even get my dog walking services in the newspaper. It is good to become known because everyone in your area will call you and ask you if you could walk their dogs. As a result, easy cash coming in. Dog walking only takes 5 minutes out of your time!

Do yard work. I would recommend doing yard work for an elderly neighbor or maybe even your grandparents. Some people most likely do it on their own but it doesn’t hurt to ask if they would like some help with their lawn. Mowing the lawn isn’t a very strenuous job unless it is a big lawn but I think it is worth it because you get something out of it, which is money or maybe even confidence or good self-esteem. It could be both. If the lawn is big, I think you will get more than 5 dollars. If it is a smaller lawn, you will probably get less than 20 dollars but I think it’s better than not getting any money at all. At least you get something out of the work you do for other people. Get your mowing on!


Babysit. Babysitting is a great way to earn money. If your parents want to go out somewhere for a day or two and there is no one they can contact for your sibling, offer to babysit instead of sleeping over a friend’s house or even going out with your friends. You don’t want to miss out on an easy way to make money. Nobody does. Offer to take care of your brother or sister because you will regret it if you don’t! You could even babysit a neighbor’s child. It’s quite easy and plus you get a great learning experience out of it!

Pet sit. While your parents are away, or maybe even your friend or neighbor, you could watch over their pets. Its almost the same thing as babysitting but it’s much easier to watch an animal than to watch a living child. You just have to put down food and water for an animal. You don’t have to do much so it will be extremely easy to make money. Again, you could get yourself noticed by getting yourself into a newspaper or maybe even tell your friends to spread the word. The longer period of time you watch the animals, the more money you get.

Shovel snow. During the winter, the elderly or maybe even other adults have trouble shoveling during the icy, snowy season. Some may even have some type of back and leg problems or maybe they just shouldn’t be doing that type of strenuous work. It could be dangerous for adults and offering a hand prevents anything harmful from happening. Again, it’s fairly easy. You will probably get a decent amount of money because not many people want to be out in the cold shoveling. Get your shoveling on people!

Have a yard/garage sale. If you have any items you don’t use and want to give away, just have a yard sale. When I was younger, my mom and I would have garage sales and would sell some of her jewelry and just things we wanted to get rid of. We got decent money out of it and decent to me is more than $100. I would suggest selling things like old iPods, guitars, clothes, jewelry, headphones, watches, TV shows on DVD, movies, wallets, etc. While selling items, don’t put the price too high. If you want people to buy stuff, at least sell items at reasonable prices below $30. If you want to attract attention, just put up signs saying “Garage sale here” or something like that. Ask your parents today if you could have a garage sale. You make money while getting rid of useless things that you want out of your room and your house!

Some people are unemployed and just want to make a few dollars. You have come to the right article to find out how to make easy money. If you cannot think of a way to make money, try some of the ways I just discussed. If you want to make a bunch of cash, try all of them! I guarantee you will be satisfied as soon as you start getting into doing garage sales, dog walking, shoveling snow, babysitting, petsitting, and yard work. It won’t ever hurt to try so get to money making folks!