Do’s and Don’ts of High School

Alysia Kane, Editor-in-Chief

High School is a time full of worries and drama, but it can also be filled with fun times and irreplaceable memories.Throughout high school you will encounter many different experiences, which made me want to help everyone out with a few tips about the do’s and don’ts of high school life! Let’s dive right in!!


DO NOT bottle up all of your emotions, because at some point, you will not be able to hold them in anymore, and something drastic will happen.  Find someone to talk to, whether it be a friend, a family member, even a pet or a piece of paper and a pen; anything that you can use to vent out whatever emotion you are dealing with. It helps, trust me.


DO enjoy it! Even though you  have your homework, tests, sports, etc., make sure that you designate time for friends, or to just sit down in front of the T, and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix while pigging out on junk food and ice cream. You deserve it!


DO NOT forget who your real friends are. I know that it is easy to be swept away by everyday concerns, but please, if you take anything out of what I am telling you, do not abandon the people that were there for you during the tough times.  Many people get caught up in relationships and the drama that High School entails, and they find that when those times come to pass, they have no one left who they can count on, left.


DO be a little bit crazy. Those moments where you let loose a little will be some of your most cherished memories.


DO NOT think that you are “too cool for school”. Don’t be that person that never goes to any dances or joins any clubs. Join something, have some fun! Some of my best friends to this date I met through clubs and activities. One club I would recommend is drama/stage crew. The hours are long but the friends you make are everlasting.


There is probably a thousand more words of advice I could give you all, but these are the starting points for anything else I could provide. I leave you with one more thing. Do not overthink everything. Just let what happens happen, and don’t get too stressed about it.