DIY Photo Transfer


Want to transfer one of your favorite photos onto a canvas to add a more decorative look to one of your photos? This can be achieved with a few supplies, in a few steps, and with a little bit of time.

The supplies you will need are a foam brush, a canvas in your selected size, a jar of any type of gloss gel medium, such as Liquidex, and your photo printed in either color or black and white on a piece of normal printer paper. Once you have all of these items, you are ready to start!



Step 1: Trim your photo to the size of your canvas. I am using a 6 by 8 canvas so I cut my picture to be approximately 5 by 7 because I wanted a white border around my photo.


Step 2: Using your foam brush, apply a coat of gel medium to your canvas, then take your trimmed photo and lay it INK SIDE DOWN onto the canvas. Make sure that the photo is flat, and the ink is touching the gel medium. If there are any air bubbles, the ink from the printed photo will not transfer to the canvas.



Step 3: Once your photo is flat on your canvas, take your canvas and lay it off to the side for 24 hours. I know, I know, it is a long time. The longer you can wait, the more the ink will transfer and the better it will look!


Step 4: After you waited 24 hours, take your canvas out again and with a small spray bottle filled with water, liberally apply water to the paper backing of your photo. This is done so that you can GENTLY rub the paper backing off leaving only your transferred image on the canvas. To answer your question, yes, this does take a lot of time. 







Step 5: Finally, when you have rubbed off the paper backing, you can now apply another thin coat of gel medium to the top of your transferred image in order to seal it. Then you are finally done!! Now you have a nice DIY photo canvas transfer all your own!