Student Spotlight: Stefanos Hunter


Noah Sanchez

Stefanos Hunter

Noah Sanchez, Staff Writer

Talent is something that shines and at New Milford High School, it comes in many different forms. Some shine in athletics, some in academics, but in music and theater, there’s one person that stands out in the crowd, senior Stefanos Hunter. Hunter has enjoyed making music all his life, especially on his guitar. However, he really got into performing on stage under the bright lights his freshman year of high school. Hunter is an aspiring audio engineer and plans to further pursue his dreams after high school.


I recently had a chance to sit down with the talented guitarist and actor to discuss his musical theater career at this point and how it has affected his life. Here’s what he had to say:


When did music first begin to play a major part in your life?


  • Music first began to play a major part in my life when I started to play guitar. My dad taught me and it was just really something that was an outlet for me to get my voice heard. It inspired me to better myself in a lot of different ways.


Has your dad played a big role in your life as far as becoming a better musician?


  • My dad has definitely played a big role and helped me a lot with my music. My dad introduced me to the guitar and has shown me a lot of different techniques to make me better. If it wasn’t for him, I probably would not have been able to even pick up a guitar.


Have you always wanted to be a part of theater?


  • No, not always. I did not even know too much about musical theater until my sophomore year. I was always kind of into acting but I never really thought to combine the two until I first got the chance here at NMHS, but when I did it was just the ultimate spot for me.


Do you remember the first play you were ever in?


  • Yup. Yes I do, “Legally Blonde” last school year, right here at the high school. I was lead guitarist in “Romeo and Juliet”, but “Legally Blonde” was my first main role on stage.


Have you been in any more plays since then?


  • I haven’t been in any more plays but I do play my guitar at a conservatory and I’ve been to a few open mics since then.


How have you progressed as a musician and actor from “Legally Blonde” to now?


  • Well, everything is starting to come along a lot nicer. My voice has gotten better, my acting has gotten better, I feel. So, pretty much everything has just gotten better over time.


What are some goals that you want to achieve in the field of music, acting and audio engineering?


  • One goal that I have is to make it to Broadway and perform on stage. Whether it takes a day or fifty years I’m gonna make it there and I’m going to give it my all.


“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”


Jimi Hendrix