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Jhari Rogers, Staff Writer

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Mr. Addeo has been a physical education teacher for 13 years, spending 12 of those years in New Milford High School. Christopher Addeo can be found in the school gymnasium throughout the day or even the health classroom. Mr. Addeo’s million dollar smile and warm personality can make many people feel comfortable when they first meet him.


Q- What made you want to become a physical education teacher?


A- Well, when I was in high school I enjoyed sports and working with children, so I thought when going forward in my career and education, this would be the best route for me.


Q- Where was your first job, and was it difficult being a new teacher coming straight out of college?


A- I was hired 2 months after I completed, and my first job was at David E Owens middle school in New Milford in ‘03.


Q- Where did you go to college and how long did it take for you to become a physical education teacher?


A- I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2003.To become a teacher you must attend a four year college, getting your bachelor’s degree.


Q- Do you regret your profession?


A- I do not regret becoming a teacher, however, at times the educational system affects how we teach. But I wouldn’t regret anything with becoming a teacher. You can’t live with regrets in life, remember that.


I asked Caleb Wright his opinion on Mr. Addeo’s teaching him his sophomore year.


Q- How does it feel to have Mr. Addeo as a teacher?

A- Mr. Addeo gets right to the point and makes everyone participate in gym in whatever activity we’re doing. You get a workout while having fun, as well, but the most important thing about Addeo is he’s very understanding with everyone, which makes him a very likeable teacher.


I also was able to catch up with senior Justin Bartus who had Addeo his sophomore year.


Q-Why is Mr. Addeo your favorite gym teacher throughout high school?
A-Addeo knows a lot about sports and his job. He likes participating with us in sports while giving everyone competition which makes everyone want to play. You can tell Addeo truly loves his job by his effort and his love for his job.

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