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NMHS 2015 Winter Sports Pep rally

Olivia Argiro, Staff Writer

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This year’s New Milford High School winter sports pep rally took place on December 18  and it was a hit! Every student who was involved in a winter sport participated in the pep rally while the rest of the school looked on from the bleachers.  


Individuals on several sports teams were called down to the floor by their coaches and competed in mini challenges against other teams, including piggy back races between , wheelbarrow races, and foul shots. Sophomore Jackson Brown said that he enjoyed it because “It was an exciting school bonding moment”. Freshman Kelly Arboleda added, “It was fun since it was my first winter pep rally.”


Along with the pep rally, NMHS had its first ever lip dub involving the whole school’s faculty, staff and students lip syncing to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars. A GoPro was rolled across the whole school while everyone sang and danced with balloons and streamers in the hallways to the song playing on the loudspeaker. Brown said that “it was pretty bad and that he wouldn’t want to do it again.”  However, Freshman Samantha Resto said she “didn’t like the song  we used but that it was fun.  I would do it again”.


With mixed reviews on the lip dub, we have a lot to work on. But let’s definitely bring our A-game for the next 2016 spring sports pep rally. GO KNIGHTS!!!!


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The student news site of New Milford High School, New Milford, New Jersey
NMHS 2015 Winter Sports Pep rally