Jaslie’s Senior Perspective


Jaslie Castellanos, Student Life Editor

Here we are. June of 2016. Graduation month. I feel like this is all a dream. When you are a freshman in high school, graduation does not even cross your mind. As a sophomore you’re just glad you’ve settled into the school and are getting the hang of things. As a junior there is talk about college, but you don’t ever feel like you’re going until senior year. Senior year arrives and life is really hitting you in the face. We are really growing up.

We are no longer attending school in New Milford. Some of us are not going far, some an hour or two away and others are leaving to the other side of the country. Scary, right? We no longer have our security blanket… New Milford. We no longer have teachers reminding us about assignments, huge class group chats in order to pass a class, or Mr. Perrone giving us detentions for being late. We are on our own now. We are in charge of getting our assignments done on time, understanding new material on our own, and getting to our college classes on time.

I am forever grateful that I attended New Milford High School. Coming from the New York City school system to New Milford is a huge difference. Yes, the game never changes, you have your cliques, your favorite teachers and everything like that but the atmosphere here is different. It’s better. The sense of pride, family and togetherness from this community is indescribable. I embrace it and I love it. I will treasure Gang Green, Friday night football games, my teachers, and my fellow Knights for the rest of my life.

New Milford always came together in times of need, without hesitation. Whether it was to raise money for a family, honor someone who has passed, or just to praise someone for an accomplishment. We always came together with pride.

As of June 22, 2016 I will be a freshman at Bergen Community College. Still so surreal to say, but it’s my time now. I am going to take the two years at community college to really think about what I am going to do with my life. What you choose to study in college can affect the rest of your life. It is a life altering decision and I want to make sure I am making the right one. Whatever I do though, I know I’ll succeed because I’ve had the most amazing teachers to prepare me for the next chapter in my life.


So here are a few “thank yous” to my high school teachers:


Mr. and Mrs. Torpie

We all know that science was not my thing, but we all worked really hard together to help me understand. Thank you for being so patient with me through it all. You guys are the sweetest people ever.


Mr. Groff

Groff! Groffington! Big Groff! G Money! Even though my nicknames for you are endless I always knew you’d respond to whatever came out of my mouth. Before you came, I was a student of Mrs. Groffs’ and I always heard amazing stories about you. So when you started working here we clicked immediately because we practically knew each other already. I was so glad I could finally put a face to all of those stories. You definitely lived up to those expectations. I’m grateful I got to meet the infamous Hershey. I’ll miss you. And yes, I’ll even miss the times you’ve compared my outfits to living creatures. I think I’ll actually miss that the most.


Mrs. Luzuriaga

I was not your student for very long but for some reason we were inseparable. I think what I’ll miss the most about you is your positive spirit. You always found the good in the bad and that’s probably the best way to live life. You’re an inspiration. Oh and I’ll definitely miss you breaking out into song all of the time. All you had to do was hear one word that reminded you of a song and you’d start singing. Thank you for being you.


Mrs. Ferro

Someone I truly admire. I am so grateful I had you as a teacher and that I’ve gotten to know you since then. I will miss our inside jokes, your surprise colored outfits and lunch 6th period. When I first met you I was so afraid of what you and our class would be like. I was scared for no reason because your class ended up being one of my favorites and you have become one of my favorites too. Thank you for it all. I’ve been told that I have no choice but to come back and visit, so until next time!


Mr. Deveraux

One of the best coaches I’ve ever had, hands down. No, I never had you as a teacher but you were my volleyball coach for a while. Thank you for making my high school volleyball career so memorable. I will cherish our freshman and JV team forever. You always found a way to make us die of laughter or literally die from conditioning. Either way, we all appreciate you very much. You’re the best! I’ll come back to support for sure. See you then!


Ms. Dunbar

Someone who never failed to make me laugh. Sometimes so hard I cried. Sometimes so hard you choked. We never learned our lesson. Always cracking jokes while we were eating. I’ll miss these moments and all of our inside jokes so much. Thank you for always looking out for me, I appreciate it all. You’re the best, don’t ever change.


Mrs. Collentine

I went from not knowing you at all to being your #1 fan. You’re definitely one of my favorite people I have ever met. The best advice I have ever gotten and taken was to take your honors english class. I will always be grateful that I had you as one of my teachers. I will wear my “I survived Collentine in 219” shirt with pride. I can’t wait to come back from time to time to share my new accomplishments with you. I’ll make you proud! Promise!


Mrs. Haskill

Definitely my favorite math teacher I’ve ever had. I worked so hard in your class like I never have before. Starting off with straight C’s until I finished the year with a solid B+. I am forever grateful to have had you as one of my teachers. I will miss your sarcasm and random life lessons you gave the class. Don’t ever change.


Mrs. Muratore

My spirit animal. I wish I was as free spirited as your are. I admire that. You never failed to make me laugh when I needed to or help me out with my writing. Having you after having your husband in the middle school was great. I knew I always liked him so I didn’t know coming into your class that I’d like you just as much… or maybe more.. Shhh don’t tell him. I am glad I got to know the both of you during my time here.


Mrs. Groff

Last but certainly not least, my little Groff. The only teacher I’ve stuck with since the very first day I walked into this school as a freshman to the last day that I walk out as a senior. You’ve watched me grow into the person I am today but you also have a lot to do with who I’ve become, so thank you for that. Thank you for always pushing me to do things I’d never think of doing myself. As much as I hate it, you’re always right. No matter how old I get, I know mama knows best. Thank you for being part of my crazy ride, Groffy!


Thank you to all of my teachers and fellow Knights for making my high school experience so memorable. Without you guys high school would not have been as enjoyable as it has been for me. You guys will always have a special place in my heart.

Good luck class of 2016! I know we are going to do big things. NMHS class of 2016 will leave their mark on the world, you can count on that for sure.