Mary’s Senior Perspective

Mary Stanton, A&E Editor/Writer

Attending New Milford High School was my final step in the New Milford Education world. This school became my social hub where I made and lost friends based on clubs, academics and sports and where I gained my confidence, as well. I felt as a freshman I was very shy and didn’t do much, but by senior year, I feel like I’ve come out of my shell.


A highlight of my four years at New Milford High School would be my first musical, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” and making friends in the older grades. Here, I was given a sliver of confidence to perform on stage and I also discovered that yes, I can make friends with the older kids.


I also played volleyball for 3 years which I loved dearly and that one month period I was on track. My freshman year I entered my first honor society, International Thespian for Dramatic Arts. Our keynote speaker was the wonderful Rob McClure and his words, from what I could remember, pushed me to try a tad bit harder the following years.


I loved the school spirit and also my grade’s for the last 2 years as we won spirit week this year and were robbed last year. The days where you saw your peers just as decked out as you in whatever theme day it was always made me love Spirit Week. The Homecoming dances and Football games were also filled with wonderful memories of dancing, pride, and clever themes.


It was a pleasure to have done “Romeo and Juliet: A Rock and Roll Adaptation” my sophomore year, which was a new concept. Our director took a different twist on Shakespeare’s classic and added rock music to the play. There I said goodbye to so many great friends who would soon cheer me on the following year.


My Junior year is where I saw myself change. I came out of that awkward shell and tried hard in terms of the music department. I joined the ensemble choir and tried out for the musical with intentions of getting an actual part. That year we did “Legally Blonde: The Musical” where I led my cast and crew as the sorority girl Elle Woods. I would view this as a definite highlight of my life and high school. I remember the first night walking out, no one had seen the show, and already having people cheering me on. Everyone there was rooting for me and I mean, who doesn’t find “Omigod You Guys!” catchy?


Closing night was upsetting as I felt more than proud of myself and I saw myself being more open and confident walking around the halls of NMHS. This year, I had the pleasure of playing the adored lesbian pilot, Trix, in “The Drowsy Chaperone” and my “Senior Night” was a real eye opener as this was my final production and the last time on the NMHS stage.


Another experience New Milford gave me was the Holocaust Study Tour this year. Along with 11 other students, I traveled around Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland to further understand the Holocaust. This truly was a life changing experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity that I had the pleasure of doing at NMHS. I made even more memories with my peers, now friends, and gained even more knowledge on the Holocaust.
As my time as NMHS comes to a close, I’m thankful and more than grateful to have attended NMHS. Prom was such an unforgettable time and I thank my senior class advisor, Mrs. Aufiero, and all the staff that made it possible. The staff here are something special and I’d like to thank my main inspirations Mrs.Westbrook, Mrs.Tambuscio, Mrs.Muratore, and my little Groff, Mrs.Groff. Without these strong women in my life, I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful high school experience. I thank them and NMHS. So goodbye NMHS, I’ll only be at Montclair, but who knows, maybe you’ll hire me to teach one day.