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Seniors Eating out

Jhari Rogers, Staff Writer

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Throughout high school,  every freshman dreams of leaving school grounds and going out for lunch. Many seniors leave when they get the opportunity to eat out instead of staying for the school lunch. Why do students  going out to eat more than in school?


Julian Abreu (17’)


Q: Why do you think seniors eat out all the time?


A: Cause we’re tired of eating the over-priced school lunch for the past 6 years.


Q: Do you think schools will ever change school lunches to help students save money?


A:No, the way they see it is the often used term, “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.”


Q:Do You mind spending the extra money on food every day?


A: No, I don’t because I know I get what I pay for. Luckily I do have a job and I can afford eating out daily. Sadly some people can’t relate.


Yoel Figuereo (17’)


Q:Do you think seniors over spend when it comes to eating out instead of eating school lunches?


A:I do believe some seniors take advantage of it and skip their next class or just don’t come back. Some people don’t understand going out to lunch is a privilege, not a right, and it shouldn’t be abused.


Q:Do you feel underclassmen should have the right to leave, or is it worth the wait?


A:I do not believe that the privilege should be given to underclassmen, it’s a senior privilege and it’s special to seniors. Giving it away to everyone takes the tradition away and gives everyone freedom.


Q: Do you think seniors spend too much money?


A:I don’t think so. I believe it’s up to the seniors how much money they want to spend on lunch.


Sarah Valdez (17’)


Q: How do you feel about seniors eating out at lunch?


A:I prefer going out simply because it’s nice to have a break during the day to go out with my friends and do something outside of school.


Q: Do you think other grades should have the same privilege?
A: I think that not letting underclassmen go out for lunch is sheltering. If, as a freshman, you aren’t mature enough to go out and handle yourself properly within our community, then the privilege should be taken away. Overall though, I don’t think it would be a big deal if they were allowed to go out.

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Seniors Eating out