Sarah Valdez, Co-Editor


As high school students, many of us become increasingly more desperate to find our “calling” – a job that will make us happy. Some of us have already discovered our passions. What we need is a way to bridge our passions — such as helping others and being creative — with a purpose.

Situations like these are the ones that fuel a unique New Milford based organization called HYPELITE. Founded by former NMHS students, HYPELITE is “a nonprofit organization comprised of socially responsible millennials determined to inspire and guide young scholars to take charge of their future by cultivating their passion and creativity into successful life and business practices.” Recently, founders of HYPELITE have collaborated with business teacher Karen Vicari to create the HYPELITE Club at New Milford High School. With this club, students will be given the opportunity to cultivate their passions and make connections that can help them in their future endeavors.

Although there are many goals here at NMHS, there is one we find the most valuable. To help students turn their passions, talents, and skills into successful careers that will fulfill the student. HYPELITE creates an outlet for students to find their purpose in our increasingly demanding and competitive job market. With the advancement of the modern world comes large amounts of pressure, stress, and anxiety. Although we have professionals within our building supporting us, guidance from people with connections and an understanding for teens and the motions we must go through can seriously impact our ability to help us achieve our goals and become our definition of successful.

In HYPELITE’s mission statement, co-founder Will Esposito agrees that, “If we can inspire students in high school to look deep inside themselves and find what they are truly passionate about then maybe we can help them to take charge of their future by pursuing said passion. Pursuing a career that is personally fulfilling was something we all agreed we wanted for ourselves so why not help students do the same? And if we can connect them with the established entrepreneurs that we originally intended to help then we can not only show them that it is possible to follow your heart but you can do so and be happy and successful.”

Part of the vision of HYPELITE is to “be the epicenter of self-discovery, creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership” and “come together as a community to help others achieve their definition of success.”

Senior Kyle Naimaister says that he joined the HYPELITE Club because he “plans to go to school for business and saw it as a good opportunity and a good jumpstart to the field I want to be working in.” As an individual, Naimaster says that this new club can “get me the basic outline for what I need to do when I’m older. The people who run it are smart people who can help me reach my goals. The organization will reach out to people for me and help get me new connections and give me a more personal feel for what I’ll be getting myself into through networking.”

Along with holding events at New Milford High School, such as their Bridging the GAPP career fair for students and charity events such as Giving Tuesday, HYPELITE reaches out to students through personal connections. Founders are constantly in and out of our school, speaking to students one on one about their passions and helping them as best as they can. They encourage us now to join this newly created club in order to lead us down our path to self-discovery and success.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining the NMHS HYPELITE Club, please contact HYPELITE via Instagram (@the_hypelite_network) or email Will Esposito ([email protected]).