Captain Spotlight: Brett Kornberg


Yoel Figuereo, Features Editor

“It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  Senior middle linebacker and fullback Brett Kornberg is one of the six three year varsity starters on this year’s New Milford Knights Varsity Football team, alongside Tyler Dzadik, Christian Correa, Jhari RogersEddie Rynander, and Dave Willock.

Kornberg understands what it takes to play for New Milford. A player with incredible knowledge of the game and a lot of toughness, Kornberg makes up for his lack of size for his position with his aggressiveness and gritty play to the football. Kornberg is essential both ways for the Knights, starting as the fullback for a run-heavy Knights offense, and is one of the starting middle linebackers (the other being Junior Matt McElroy ) for a stout Knights run defense.

A two sport Captain (wrestling, football) and three sport varsity athlete (baseball, wrestling, football), Kornberg receives high praise and respect from all coaches in every sport. Kornberg is loved by his fellow teammates and coaches, like his teammate and fellow linebacker/safety Justin Hugerich, who says, “Playing with Brett is a lot of fun, he really enjoys playing football and it shows with his play in practice and the game. He plays a little nasty in the middle and it gets everyone fired up, he hustles every play and attacks everyone and anyone who wants to carry the football on offense. I’ve played with him for a very long time and he gets better and better every day he plays and he loves it.”

Sophomore tackle/defensive end Ian Estrada says, “Brett always goes hard in practice everyday. He chases the ball on defense and  blocks with aggression. He’s always being counted out because he isn’t as big as all the other fullbacks and linebackers, but every Friday night he shows he toughness and fortitude, he’s not scared of anyone and comes at everyone with everything he’s got.”

Kornberg is not known for his loud words or overreactions, he is instead known to be very calm, cool, and collected and plays through every play. He is respected not only by all his teammates but by many of his coaches, including his running back and wrestling coach, Jeff Bliss who states, “I’ve coached Kornberg for two different sports for all four years of his high school athletic career. He’s one of the grittiest and toughest kids I know, he never gives up and doesn’t care who he has to block or who lines against him to block him. He plays hard and gives 100% from whistle to whistle. I have ultimate respect for this kid, he never complains no matter what situation we put him in and things like that put us in a very easy position as coaches so we don’t have to worry  about him not being able to do something.”

When asked about his team’s strength, Kornberg says, “ It’s our toughness and our attitude. We come to play every game like the other team has offended us, we play aggressive and try to out hit the team. Coach Wilde always says no matter what we do always play physical and that is something we do very well.”

When asked about his outlook going into the Super Bowl, Kornberg said, “I’m very excited about it. We haven’t been to the championship in five years and it feels good to be back. Last year we felt like we could’ve done something in the playoffs but we didn’t make the bracket, and that hit us hard. We reminded ourselves of that every day and we still haven’t forgotten about it, we knew it was the same mindset this year, make the bracket and we can make noise. We’ve been doubted ever since our senior class had a  1-7-1 record as a freshmen team. It is great to finally prove the doubters wrong like we knew we could.”

Kornberg and the second seeded Knights defeated the seventh seeded Belvidere County Seaters 40-20 on November 11 in the first round of the NJIC playoffs. In the second round, the Knights defeated the third seeded Becton Wildcats 27-8 on November 18 in order to move into the Super Bowl. The Knights had their final run on December 4, when they took on the first seeded Hasbrouck Heights Aviators at MetLife Stadium.  The Knights ended their season with a 30-12 loss to the Aviators.