Government Conspiracies

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Natalie Benoit, Editor

For years, theorists have argued that the American government has covered up dozens of controversial incidents. From the existence of Area 51 to accusations that the JFK assassination was an inside job,  there are an overwhelming number of conspiracy theories circling the media. At New Milford High School, many students discuss their favorite and most intriguing government conspiracies.

One senior student, Valeria Syanchuk, explained that her favorite theory is, “The moon landing, no doubt. There’s a good amount of evidence that convinced me the moon landing was a set up. I agree with the people who say the government recorded it in a movie studio in Area 51. There’s pictures of rocks with studio numbers, the American Flag waving when there’s no air in space and the reflection of a camera light on one astronaut’s helmet.”

Another upperclassman, Marisa Tormo, claimed, “There’s not a lot of evidence that Osama Bin Laden was killed, and if there is, it’s been hidden from everyone. It’s just a very interesting theory that could have more to it than we know.”

Perhaps the most recent and controversial theory within the decade is the events leading to and transpiring on 9/11. According to a site called ReThink911, most Americans are open to the possibility of alternate theories of the attack. Some theorists suggest that the U.S government initiated the attack in order to set a precedent and reasoning for pursuing war in the Middle East. Other arguments discuss the various “holes” and unanswered questions surrounding the Pentagon attack, Flight 93, and the Twin Towers collapsing. These assertions are further explained on Mother Jones.

Government conspiracies have also grabbed the attention of many social media celebrities. The interest has sparked up a lot of interest after YouTube stars discussed the topic, especially Shane Dawson. Some of his most popular videos discuss the 9/11 conspiracy, the moon landing and even the infamous Illuminati. Dawson does use foul language in his videos, so their content is advised for a mature audience.

Regardless of where your opinions lie with government conspiracies, there’s no doubt that these theories spark interest for people everywhere.