Bionca Chambers


Jhari Rogers, Staff Writer

Bionca Chambers is an elite point guard at New Milford High School. She stands at 5’7″, 130 lbs. Chambers can score from almost anywhere on the court and can change the temperature of the game within a second. Bionca may dish out many assists, but the Knights also have two other dominant forces in Vianca Soriano and Natalie Miller.

Chambers is unassuming, walking around with her gold Beats headphones, keeping to herself with a vibrant smile. Chambers can brighten up a room without dribbling a basketball using her outstanding personality. Don’t doubt her ability to play ball either, because she can switch gears and turn into the black Mamba (Kobe Bryant).

How do you feel about this basketball season and how your team will react to the pressure?

 “I feel like we should get even farther than we did last year as long as we have the same mentality. We wanted a state sectional and we got it last year but now we want to get even farther and we can definitely do it as long as we play together. We react well to pressure, sometimes we play to the other team’s level but we get that out of the way early and we realize that in most cases we’re the better team if we play the way we can play. I have nothing but high hopes for this season and I’m happy to be playing my last year with this team.”

Is group 2 a big step for you guys?

 “We have been scrimmaging group 3 schools and we are looking good against them. I think group 2 is going to be harder but we can play with those teams. The only difference is those teams have more of a bench and they can basically sub whenever they want and some of their girls probably have more experience but we still have talent on our team. We were group 2 sophomore year and we were still able to get to states and that was when the team wasn’t as good as we are now so we can definitely do more this year.”

Favorite play?

 “During the Secaucus game, I got the ball by the three and then I crossed two girls over and made one spin and then I went in and passed it to [Soriano] at the last second and some girl ran into her and she got the and one and we came back and cut the lead. Everybody went crazy on that one and it kind of changed the tempo of the game.”

Who you look up to?

 “Kobe, Curry and Kyrie. I look up to Kobe because he’s really a game changer and he knows it, if he wants to score he can score and no one can really stop him. I look up to Curry and Kyrie because they’re game changers too, they both can really cross somebody up and still finish and get the crowd hyped.”

Best game?

“This year: In the Ridgefield game I had fourteen points and eleven assists. I didn’t really play that much because it wasn’t a great team so I didn’t need to play that much, but we did good as a team. We moved the ball well and almost everybody who played scored. We were unselfish and we came out with the win. “
The Knights are currently sitting 5-3 and third in their division. The Knights were knocked off by the Patriots (Secaucus) 61-56 at New Milford. The Knights went on to Leonia to take on the Tigers January 12.