Burger Tackles History

Burger Tackles History

New Jersey Herald

Jhari Rogers, Staff Writer

John Burger has been a dominant wrestler ever since he stepped foot in New Milford High School. Burger goes by many names by his peers, such as “JBurg”,”Burg” or simply “Burger”. Burger has been making noise through high school on the field and the mat. Burger mostly stands out during the winter, as the captain of his wrestling team trying to book a ticket for Atlantic City.

How does it feel to prepare all four years for this moment?

“It felt like all the years of hard work I put in are finally paying off and I’m able to see now that the grind I put in was well worth it.”

When did you start wrestling and why?

“I started wrestling when I was in third grade because I wanted to play a winter sport but I was small so I didn’t want to play basketball.”

Did you ever doubt your ability to wrestle?

“When I first started as a kid at times I thought I wouldn’t be any good but working hard over the years has really helped me reach the next level.”

 Burger had an outstanding sophomore campaign, taking seventh in the nation yes. Burger’s record was 29-4 which booked him his A.C. ticket. Fast forward two years later, Burger has changed history at NMHS and it’s still being written. Burger has worked and spent a tremendous time perfecting his craft to get where he is now.

Favorite coach?

“Coach Ray – he’s taught me a lot over the years on and off the mat.”

Favorite moment?

“My favorite moment was going down to A.C. my sophomore year and placing at states. I went down there expecting to win a few matches and came back with a medal. It was a huge confidence booster in my wrestling career.”

Favorite Teammate?

“I love all my teammates but if I could put someone above the rest it would have to be Mike [Urgiles].  No one puts in the countless hours of work he does. He deserves everything he gets.”
Burger’s last year as an NMHS wrestler is one for the books. He has changed history this month by winning counties which hasn’t been done in years at New Milford. Many people shun wrestlers for their gear and ringworm rumors, but that doesn’t shy Burger from keeping his eye on the prize. Burger is a high caliber wrestler and is most likely going to be cashing in his A.C. ticket this late spring to finally bring a title home.