Alumni Feature: Talisi Meyer

Alumni Feature: Talisi Meyer

Shannon Christensen, Writer

For many New Milford High School alumni, winter break is a time to visit their hometown and rehash their four years spent at NMHS. Most college freshmen return and like to talk about their new life at college and what their classes have offered them so far.

Talisi Meyer (‘16) is now attending Simmons College in Boston, MA studying Biochemistry and Mathematics with intentions of adding a Sustainability minor in the future. Simmons is an all-women’s college with a well-known STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program that has been available for women for over a century.

As of 2016, even though half of the college-educated workforce is made up of women, only 29% of workers in the STEM field are female. Because of this, women seem to have to work harder towards their accomplishments and prove themselves. “In science specifically, gender roles play a major part in the community. It’s primarily a male-dominated field so it is not uncommon for the important or larger roles to automatically fall to the men which I knew I was not going to take. I think co-ed schools have the potential to make a female feel as though she must prove herself more against her male peers but can fail to even give her this opportunity,” Meyer states.

Being in this competitive area of study, women sometimes can feel swept under the rug. It comes into question whether a same sex environment could cloud the way to the “real world” or help gain a person’s confidence in their field. In response to this, Meyer states, “Simmons is competitive but in a way that is motivating rather than dispiriting. I can’t count the amount of times I have heard ‘that is a man’s job’ throughout my, life but now there is no such thing as a ‘man’s job.’ Here especially, it is simply a job and whom ever gets it does so purely for their skill set, not their anatomy.” 

Meyer is remembered at NMHS for her performances in the theater program, her hard work and dedication to her studies, and her positive attitude that spread to other students. She remembers her years here fondly, saying, “I’ll admit I owe a lot to the teachers at NMHS for instilling in me the motivation they did as well as the expectations of myself. I am happy to have moved forward but a huge push definitely came from them.”

Reflecting on her time at Simmons so far, Meyer proudly states, “I love my school more than anything. Immediately I felt at home when I arrived and I know that I made the right decision. I’m in a small little college where every professor I have knows my name and cares about my well being held in a tiny little town that likes to pretend it’s a city. I could not be happier.”