Healthy Habits: Tricks and Tips


Natalie Benoit, Co-Editor

With the fast paced lifestyles people lead today, exercising on a daily basis and eating healthy is not as easy to do as it is to say. Many people preach how “our bodies are a temple,” and while it’s not wrong, it doesn’t mean we can’t push ourselves to new limits.

According to, working out everyday for at least 10 minutes can help create the body shape many people strive for. Following a healthy diet doesn’t have to be a struggle either. Simply buying more fruits and veggies to replace those cookies and chips at home can help boost energy and eliminate many of the unnecessary sugars and calories in your diet.

Another study discussed how eating healthier foods will allow your abs to show and trim down some body fat. On the site Eatthis, Notthat!, eating foods such as eggs, bananas, lean poultry and bell peppers will “boost metabolism, torch belly fat, ward off future weight gain, and banish bloat.” One NMHS student suggested avocado toast as a breakfast or lunch meal. Simply toast whole wheat bread and spread guacamole afterwards and enjoy! Another popular snack/meal among the health conscious NMHS students is organic almond butter spread over whole wheat toast and cut up bananas. A great breakfast and post workout meal is 2 scrambled eggs mixed with a chopped up banana and then stirred into a sort of pancake batter. These two ingredients alone provide the protein and good carbs needed in everyone’s diet. For more quick and delicious snacks and meals, check 35 Quick-and-Easy Fat-Burning Recipes.

While eating right plays a major role in the struggle towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, exercising is just as important. People who go the gym often promote the importance of “leg day” and “arm day,” arguing that each workout should focus on a certain section of the body. This way, each part of the person’s body can safely progress at the same time. Jeff Duro (’17), a member of the gym Fitness 2, explained, “Fitness isn’t only about the workout, but diet, too. Dieting is the hardest part.”

One NMHS alumni, Amanda Tarantino (’14), has recently started a fitness channel on YouTube promoting healthy living. She posts several times a week, discussing the workouts she follows at home and at her local gym, Retro. Amanda also reveals some of the recipes she follows and explains the macros of each snack/meal. Short for macro-nutrient, macro is the “nutritional components of the diet that are required in relatively large amounts: protein, carbohydrate, fat.” 

When asked about what her favorite leg and arm workouts are, Tarantino replied with, “Romanian dead lifts. They really target your hamstrings and lower back and you FEEL it when you go heavy. For arms, I like to super set rope curls and triceps rope pull downs. I like to rep them out and really feel that burn.” Tarantino also described her favorite healthy recipe as being a smoothie/acai bowl. “Fruit is my favorite food group, and you can add so many healthy toppings such as almonds, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and granola.”

The local fitness guru went on to say her motivation is that there is “always room for improvement. Whether working on strength or aesthetic goals, there is always something to improve. When it comes to fitness, there’s no finish line, it’s all about making progress, not achieving perfection.” Keep an eye out for Amanda Tarantino on her fitness channel for more of her tips an tricks on living the “atfit” life!