Student Feature: Sarah Valdez

Student Feature: Sarah Valdez

Jhari Rogers, Staff Writer

Sarah Valdez has been a student of the New Milford educational system since elementary school. She has been striving to do her best throughout her educational career. Valdez is currently trying to find a home for the next four years, deciding between Syracuse University, University of Rhode Island, University of Albany, and University of Connecticut. Valdez is avidly searching and deciding where her next four to five years of her higher education will be spent.

How ready are you for college?

I feel like as an individual, I’m able to figure things out and do what I need to do in order to succeed. Getting my assignments done isn’t an issue as long as I feel that it’s a subject that I’m well prepared for. If I don’t understand something, I don’t mind going out of the way to learn it. I’ve been able to make my way around so far without any issues. Because of these things, I’d like to think that I’m ready to take on college in the fall.

Has New Milford High School prepared you for the future down the road?

I honestly don’t feel like this school has provided me with the tools necessary to flourish academically as much as I’d like to. Thankfully, my teachers have all been excellent in providing me with work that is stimulating and helping me be the best student I can be. Still, I’m aware of the fact that this school doesn’t create an accurate representation of the college experience and I’m ready for a completely different environment when I leave. I know that in college, there will be no breaks, no redoing something that you were too lazy to do in the first place, and no lack of accountability for breaking the rules. Over the years, I’ve felt in many instances that my school isn’t preparing us for college. This year, especially, the lack of communication and effectiveness in getting issues resolved has affected me because I’m in the middle of figuring out what I’m going to do after I receive my diploma in June. If anything, my own drive is what is going to help me in college.

Where do you think your home will be for the next couple of years?

My top few schools are Syracuse University, SUNY Albany, University of Rhode Island, and UConn. As of right now, I’ve been accepted at SUNY Albany and URI and wait listed at UConn. I’m still awaiting a decision from Syracuse, my top choice, so fingers crossed, that’s where I’ll be.

What are your career choices & why?

I’m strongly considering going into school with a major in communication sciences and disorders and eventually going to graduate school to get my master’s degree and become a Bilingual Speech Pathologist. This field interests me because I can combine my ability to speak Spanish and my love for communication and helping people. Speech and language are everything and I’d love to know as much about it as I can to help people who struggle with it. If things go well, I might even get my Ph.D. in Audiology and become an audiologist. I’m also aware of the fact that my interests might change, so I might also just go in undecided and declare a major later in my college career.

Is there a dream school you want to go to?

I would’ve really liked to attend Boston University, but, unfortunately, I was rejected. I fell in love with the school on my campus visit and if I could go to any school, it’d probably be there. Like I said before, though, Syracuse is my top choice. The campus is beautiful and the community seems like a great fit for me.

Valdez will be deciding her home for the next couple of years at the beginning of May. This has been an amazing experience for Valdez and she has been investing in her future. Good luck Sarah!!