Student Spotlight: Christine Galvez


Shannon Christensen, Writer

Recently, artists at NMHS have had a chance to publicize their voices through their art, being featured in ArtStart 2017 at William Paterson University. ArtStart is an annual student-produced art show at the Power Art Gallery in WPU for students to be recognized for their art, along with a scholarship opportunity and other prestigious awards.

Christine Galvez (17′) was one of the few students at NMHS to be featured in the student art show. Her piece “Complexion” was featured and awarded an honorable mention by the panel of art professor judges from WPU. Her work is described as a self-portrait made with charcoal, which “…displays myself applying makeup such as lipstick and mascara…I chose this to portray my everyday routine; I love makeup and I wanted to merge both my interests of art and makeup together.”

Galvez was introduced to art as a young child, as a “passion for art runs in her family,” although she has never experienced an event like ArtStart. “It was entirely a whole new experience for me having to be involved in an art gallery with other aspiring artists,” Galvez states. She was appointed for the event at William Paterson, out of a small selection of students, by NMHS art teacher Lauren Bettini. Galvez expressed that she, “wasn’t expecting to be chosen,” but shows her gratitude towards Ms. Bettini for the amazing experience.

After accepting the honorable mention award, Galvez expressed how astonished she was to receive it. “When I discovered that I received an award, I couldn’t believe it. In fact, to this day, I’m still pretty shocked from it,” she stated. Being in the field of fine arts, it is easy to doubt abilities when comparing yourself to other aspiring artists. When asked about the experience and if it helped her artistic confidence, Galvez replied, “it was entirely a whole new experience for me having to be involved in an art gallery with other aspiring artists, all my hard work paid off … I think it inspires me to put myself out there more in the art community and experiment with new mediums.”

Along with her participation in the arts at NMHS, Galvez was also involved in this year’s production of “Shrek the Musical” as a crew member. She was able to bring her passion for art and makeup to the stage as well, and speaks positively about her experience in the musical’s “family”.

When planning for her continuation in education after high school, Galvez was torn between her parents’ expectations of her entering nursing, and her passion for the arts. Eventually she made the decision to follow her dreams as an artist and her parents were able to understand and support her. “I do plan on majoring in art once I graduate high school … I plan on attending SVA, School of Visual Arts, at NYC and major in Graphic Design. I have a strong interest in designing and editing; I aspire to be a fashion magazine editor or a designer in the fashion field.”