Student Spotlight: Marc Mandap


Mandap and friend, Marisa Tormo

Haley McAveney, Staff Writer

Marc Mandap, a senior at New Milford High School, has lived in New Milford for his whole life — but surprisingly, he’s managed to keep a lot about his life to himself.

Mandap’s favorite hobbies and pastimes are not common knowledge. Unlike most students, whose interests relate to the school in some way, Mandap tends to shy away from the school when it comes to his free time. He isn’t very interested in any of the clubs or activities NMHS has to offer, so instead he forged his own path and discovered activities that he enjoys on his own.

His favorite hobbies are photography and taking videos. “I’ll hit up my friends, see if they want to be part of a photo shoot, and go somewhere and take pictures. As for filming, I like to, you know, just take videos of pretty much anything and put an edit together.”

And the results are fantastic — friends and family members use his photos in tons of posts on social media, because of his talent. A good friend of his, Emily Tarantino (’17) says, “Marc is extremely passionate in his talents, especially videography. It’s super cool because he has the ability to capture special moments with all of his friends and turn them into lasting memories we can all reflect on.” His Instagram is full of pictures he’s taken and videos he’s created.

Photography isn’t his only talent, though. Mandap taught himself how to play guitar a few years ago, and has enjoyed playing the instrument in his free time since. “If I go on YouTube and search up ‘guitar tutorials’, I could pretty much learn any song just from watching that video.”

Mandap also has a very tight-knit friend group. “I don’t have one favorite thing to do with my friends, I can pretty much do anything and it’ll be fun with them,” he tells us.

His friends feel the same way about him. Sara Savino (’17) says, “Marc always brings positive vibes to the group and can always make me laugh, even when he isn’t trying.” Another friend, Keira Collazo (’17) agrees,  “Marc is so funny.”

Friends aren’t the only ones who have good things to say about Mandap. Teachers, such as Mrs. Jessica Groff, have always enjoyed having him as a student. “He was very respectful and he worked hard,” Mrs. Groff says. “I do think he’ll be successful, he’s got a great personality. He’s friendly, he’s kind, and those are some of the most important qualities I think that you need to be a human being in society today. Although he is quiet, if anybody ever asked him for anything I think he would do it. He comes across as that kind of kid, and I think that that’s something that is admirable, and something that we need in society today. So I absolutely think that he’ll be successful.”

We asked Mandap what he thinks is most important for us to know about him. “I like to hang out with my friends, I like to take pictures and record videos, and play with my dog. I could be really funny once I’m comfortable with you, and I could make you laugh any time. And I’m pretty much an open book. That’s so cheesy, but it’s true!”

After high school, Mandap is “planning on going to Montclair State University for film production. I want to see if I can get into some program there- I don’t know what exact program I want to join yet, but something with film, so I want to see what I can do there.”

We wish him the best of luck in his future, and know he’ll do great, whatever he does!