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Lana Del Rey Announces Lust For Life

Emily Tarantino, Staff Writer

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Singer Lana Del Rey has given us a glimpse of what’s in store on her upcoming album, and we are under her spell. Just by coolly announcing “My new record – Lust For Life – is coming soon” in a tweet, along with an album trailer, Del Rey conjured up a great amount of attention.

The trailer, a black and white “Twilight”-esque film, depicts a witchy Del Rey looking over her beloved city of Los Angeles from the “H” of the Hollywood sign. There, she states she “needs a lot of space” to “create something special” and is playfully shown putting together the magical ingredients that will make up “Lust For Life”.

Del Rey has previously addressed the impact current events, specifically politics, has had on her upcoming work. She described it as “more socially aware” during an interview with BBC Radio 2. And in the album trailer, she hints again at this topic when reassuring that “even though these times can feel a bit crazy, they’re not so very different from what other generations have experienced at one time or another before.” This is also presumably a nod at the first released single of the album “Love” where she sings, “It’s enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy.”

For fans, the trailer has raised a lot of excitement, as well as speculation.

One question that has been raised is the idea of the Peg Entwistle theory, an actress who jumped to her death off of the “H” of the Hollywood sign, the same “H” Del Rey emphasizes within the trailer. The possible reference was brought to attention by a fan.

The fan, Nicki, states, “I originally saw a fan on a forum site mention it, and when I went to study Peg Entwistle, I noticed a lot of similarities between her legacy and how Lana Del Rey themed her album trailer for ‘Lust For Life’.” Her own opinion on the use of the reference is that “the trailer is a metaphor for the fact that Lana was suicidal and extremely depressed when the critics slammed her and her art (exactly the same reason why Entwistle committed) and that could have been the result, but now she’s happy and is excited about her life and to announce the new record – hence the name.”

There are plenty of other hidden messages throughout the trailer, such as possible collaborations and important upcoming dates.

We are just going to have to wait and see what else Lana Del Rey has in store with Lust For Life!

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Lana Del Rey Announces Lust For Life