Looney Toons Conspiracy

Lauren Bruno, Staff Writer

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Looney Toons is an American animated show that aired in 1930 and was produced by Warner Bros. The cartoon aired until 1969 during the golden age of American animation. During this time, they also had a sister series called Merrie Melodies.

Is it “Looney Toons” or “Looney Tunes”!? The change of the name of the cartoon has had people talking about which spelling is the original wording. Last year, the change in the name had many people in an uproar; one week it was spelled “Looney Toons” and the following week it was spelled “Looney Tunes”.

According to the Mandela Effect article by Fiona Broome, after people had raised “Looney Toons” as an alternate memory, something odd happened: People report seeing “Looney Tunes” (the actual name) change to “Looney Toons,” at many websites, just for a day or so. Fiona said ordinarily, “I’d dismiss that kind of report as a brief and localized issue — usually a print media error, or a typo in a digital TV show listing.”

She said it doesn’t help that Tiny Toons exist, with similar graphics to their “grown-up” counterparts. So, that provides plenty of reason for people to be confused about the cartoon series’ names. Fiona found several different explanations for the name change, but none of them could be proven yet.

The first explanation was everyone who thought they saw “Looney Toons” was mistaken, but she doesn’t believe that based on the number of reports she has received.

The second explanation was that everyone who saw “Looney Toons” online had slid into a reality where that was the correct spelling. And then they slid back into this reality, without noticing any other alternate – reality cues.

The third explanation is the veil (or whatever you want to call it) between realities thinned, briefly and only in certain locations, so the alternate reality’s “Looney Toons” name phased into view in this reality.

The fourth explanation is the brief change — from Looney Tunes to Looney Toons — was deliberate, and either a prank or a social experiment.

In another article from the New York Post written by Gavin Fernando, he wrote, “growing up you probably watched ‘Looney Toons’ on a Saturday morning, right? Bugs Bunny? Daffy Duck? Many people could probably recall a scene or two, and visualize the ‘LOONEY TOONS’ logo perfectly in their head.” Fernando had a plot twist: it’s actually spelled “Looney Tunes”, and always has been. It never changed, there’s zero evidence to suggest it was spelled any other way, and yet people vehemently believe it’s written as the former.

In an article by Godlike Productions, it is discussed whether or not the correct spelling is “Looney Tunes” or “Looney Toons”. They’ve said they know it isn’t a time travel/change effect because we would have different memories (since the change is apparent in the object).

I believe it to be more of an imaginative reality construct being manipulated somehow. Looney Toons is now spelled Looney Tunes. The writer said they have distinctly remembered “Looney Toons” because they were under the impression that it was spelled like that because they were cartoons. Tiny Toons on the other hand did not change. It is still spelled Toons. This is a huge indicator to me that it was Looney Toons. It has been claimed that it seems that we might be in a matrix/imagination virtual reality.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of unimaginable differences people have experienced for evidence of this phenomena, the writer said. They questioned what would be able to create such a change as this. Manipulating the collective is an extreme feat. I was thinking maybe a computer program scanned the entire interment and changed the spelling and people saw that and created it worldwide (100% possible if this conspiracy is real), but it seems unlikely to me.

As someone who has also watched Looney Toons as a young kid, it does seem quite strange for whatever happened to the spellings as they have been changed not just more then once and for there to be very little evidence of the past spellings as well.

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