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Senior Reflections

Jhari Rogers, Staff Writer

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Senioritis is defined by Google as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.”

Many senior students suffer from “senioritis”. The symptoms usually tend to be laziness, loss of interest, and lack of doing school work. Teachers try to motivate many students before it’s too late and the year winds down. Students look at senior year as a joke,  because many of them will be enrolled for college the following fall.

Do you regret anything in High School? How was senior year?

Jhari Rogers (17): High school wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible. The only thing I regret about school is not taking school serious at first. I thought it was for nothing, but school can change anyone’s situation, no matter where you’re from. I was acting like a jerk my freshman year, which made high school just a little more stressful than manageable. Senior year, I haven’t done anything literally, expect for Mrs. Groff’s class or for Mrs. Muratore.

How can you reflect on your senior year?

Kyle Naimaster (17): Senior year is a joke. I can’t wait for high school to end, I’m already committed to Montclair State University. I’m going to miss playing football on Friday night games which was one of the best parts of high school, but now I’m on to an even better chapter in my life.

Are you over high school and why?

Julian Abreu (17’): High School is just dragging out at this point. I enjoyed the people and memories along the way, but I feel like it’s time to move on. I’m ready for college and to become my own person, also going into my career.

Senioritis is very easy to fall into. Many people start feeling it at the beginning of the year, and some at the end. It’s a hard cycle to break once you stop doing work and participating in class.

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Senior Reflections