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Prom Preparation

Emily Tarantino, Staff Writer

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Prom is TONIGHT, and with all the fun comes even more not-so-fun planning for girls. From the major decisions like the right dress, to the minor details like the most fitting nail polish color, the pressure is on to perfect every little thing.

Preparation is key, and Sara Savino (’17) knows just how to do so. She shares, “I’m getting my hair highlighted and doing a makeup and hair trial to make sure I like the style. I’m also getting my nails done.” She admits that “It was stressful making my appointments and making sure I have everything done, but now that it’s getting closer to prom I’m excited.” The most exciting part? “Picking out my dress and feeling like a princess.”

Valerie Syanchuk (’17) agrees, “It was kind of stressful, but it’s going to be worth it in the end… I wish I could wear a prom dress every day.”

The prom dress is perhaps the most intense decision, however Syanchuk reassures that “When you try on the one, you just know. Don’t doubt yourself.”

Some girls are not as eager to prepare. Marisa Tormo (’17) complains about the overwhelming troubles of prom, “Nothing is fun. I hate dress shopping, it just stresses me out.” The most fun part to her? “When it’s all over, and we go to prom weekend.”

Not everyone is obligated to prepare the same way. Whether you want to make appointments to get your hair and makeup done is up to you, but there is also the option to take on those tasks yourself.

Keira Collazo (’17) is a senior who also attended prom last year and went the usual appointment route, but decided that this year that she would be more comfortable doing her own makeup. She explains, “I love doing my makeup, and I wasn’t totally satisfied with someone else doing it for me. I know my features best and my favorite products, so I think doing it myself is my best option.” To prepare in her own way, she decided to pick up some new, quality makeup. “I needed a nice foundation, so I picked up Nars Sheer Glow.”

So whether you want to prepare weeks in advance with multiple appointments, or take matters into your own hands the day of, is up to you! Either way what matters most is having fun at prom.

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Emily Tarantino, Writer

Emily Tarantino is currently a senior at New Milford High School. She has recently become a member of The Lance for the 2016-2017 school year. She enjoys...

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Prom Preparation