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What is Kanye’s Best Album?

Yoel Figuereo, Writer

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For almost two decades, Kanye West  has not just been one of the most influential rappers of his time, but simply one of the most influential pop culture figures since he began.

Starting off as just a music producer for rap legend Jay-z, West has evolved into a sensational rapper and music producer creating rap all time hits such as Stronger, Gold Digger, No Church In The Wild, Power and various others. Throughout his 9 groundbreaking albums West has always tried to innovate rap by simply mixing rap with elements didn’t believe rap could blend with, such as using modern day issues in his songs, co-producing with music composers such as Jon Brion, blending autotune and heartbreak into rap music, or simply creating a new breed of music.

West never fails to show his inner love for music, and clothing  with his music, or his game changing clothing lines for Adidas & Nike. However with so many top hits and rap-innovating albums West has created one of the argued questions in modern rap and hip-hop today, what is Kanye West’s best album? Each album always attracts a different fan population due to the different styles he includes in his music. So what is his most popular album? A small poll of 25 people was ran of his top albums and which the people liked best.  

The results were rather unsurprising as out of 30 voters, Graduation won the most at 42%, followed by The Life Of Pablo at 25% and Dark Twisted Fantasy at 13%. Graduation has always been considered one of the best albums he’s ever created even a decade after it’s release.

Why is Graduation such a classic? Well, when asked about why this album was so great, senior Ryan Mulligan stated “Graduation was always just the best album to me. I always thought stronger was one of his best songs and all of his songs of that album are some of his best, it’s just hard to vote any other album against it.” A very popular opinion among most Kanye fans, similar to senior Michael Valente who says “I mean what album has he made better than Graduation? The first time I listened to the album I listened to it for a week straight. It’s amazing beginning to end, and I still listen to the whole album today.”

Despite the incredible praise his first album receives, there are some who don’t agree with that choice, such as sophomore Ian Estrada who stated “To me, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is my all time favorite. When you listen to that album, it just gives you chills throughout the whole album, it’s kind of like rap art to me. I think he made musical perfection when he made this album it’s just a work of a art and by far his best album.”  

There are even fans such as senior Elijah Pastrana, who stated “I Love Yeezus the best. I think when he dropped that album, it was ahead of its time and that is why it got such foul reviews. It’s actually a really good album and nowadays I feel it fits in with our music genre today. Listening to it again, it’s so amazing and it has a bit of punk to it. It’s such an innovation to his rap game and I think his best.”

Whether it is his groundbreaking innovations to the music of hip-hop, his untouchable rap flow, or his creative touch to all his music, Kanye’s music is always considered to be like art. With such fantastic work throughout his career, it is not surprising the argument of what album is best comes up so often. But if your albums always believe each album is your best, you must be doing something. Watch for Kanye in 2018 as he has mentioned in multiple interview that he has gone to the mountains to work on a new album. Hopefully his next album settles the argument and becomes his greatest album ever made.

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What is Kanye’s Best Album?