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NMHS students listen to a professional from the dental industry.

In the Summer of 2012, college students Will Esposito and Alex Bridge wanted to create a program to help high school students find what they are passionate about and “gets them hyped”. After coordinating their ideas, they soon co-founded the non-profit organization called “HypeLite“. They found four other minds to collaborate with to kick-start the program, hoping to change the lives of unworldly students and reveal their true ambitions.

On May 23 of this year, the New Milford HypeLite Club ran an event for the sophomore class in the auditorium and cafeteria. The event that took place was a Bridging the GAPP Career Day, featuring workers from very different professions; tattoo artists, dentists, EMS workers, and many other fields of study. The special guests would hold their own small meetings for students interested specifically in that field, and were able to answer any questions the students asked. Freshman HypeLite member Dora Nano (’20) explained the purpose of the seminar was “for students to be exposed to unique career options and learn not solely about the career itself, but also the route they went through to achieve it.”

For the sophomores themselves, there was a lot of positive feedback from the students participating in the event. Michele Wagner (’19) states, “it was a great experience in gaining knowledge on how to start a career in music and art therapy; a nice way to interact with people who are actually in the working field and seeing how they came to their decision.”

What makes HypeLite’s career day different than others was the focus on passions instead of just practical jobs for your future. Many students had the opportunity to figure out what they actually think is interesting and enjoy doing, this being early enough to start from the beginning, whether it is college, trade school, or going right into a career after high school. “It was an educational experience for students who have trouble finding their calling in life, including many of my friends” Wagner says.

Other students were introduced to new life possibilities themselves. Madison Ryan (’19) comments, “HypeLite is an organization meant to help kids find their path for high school; what they want to do, what they want to be a fun time and it really improved my understanding of different careers and opened my eyes to new options that I didn’t think were possible for me.”

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