Teacher Feature: Mr. Baratta

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Teacher Feature: Mr. Baratta

Kelly Arboleda, Writer

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Mr. Baratta has been an ardent Physics teacher and staff member at New Milford High School for the previous three years. Currently, he teaches all level classes in Physics: AP, CP, and Honors; he also teaches engineering. Many postulate that he is one of the most patient teachers here at the high school as he’s always willing to help his students improve and learn because he understands how difficult the Physics class can be for many students. “Physics has a bad stigma; everyone always thinks it’s the hardest class you ever have to take and students come into the classroom with that idea in mind before I convince them otherwise.”

Prior to New Milford High School, Mr. Baratta began his teaching career at Westwood High School where he was a Biology teacher for two years, then taught Physics his last year.  Although he is currently a Physics teacher, his passion for science started in his high school Biology class. He admired everything his science teachers did, especially his Biology teacher, Mr. Shield, who motivated him to pursue his dream in the science field. He prized the educational side, labs and many more things that fall into the category of science. The other faculty members he worked with while being a student a Pascack Hills High School also inspired him to go forward with his desire to continue with science later on.

Despite the fact that Mr. Baratta asserts that he loves teaching Biology, it was more of a life choice to switch to teaching Physics. And although it’s not an easy subject, he claims that the information given in Physics class is pertinent and easier when you apply it to real-life situations.

“It’s intimidating but what I tell people is Physics is the class where math actually becomes relevant. You’re not working on equations that have no real-world applications to them. We talk more about things that happen in real life.”

After teaching at Westwood High School and a Catholic school in Montclair, New Jersey, Mr. Baratta decided to continue teaching Physics at New Milford School in 2015. He loves the atmosphere in New Milford; he believes not only that the students are great but that the faculty here are very helpful and that’s something he is really grateful for.

“Compared to other schools I’ve been at where teachers work in a vacuum and are not supported by their colleagues and the administration doesn’t get them the things they need or things to make their jobs easier, that’s not a problem here. We tend to get what we need to be successful and I like the supportive environment.”

Mr. Baratta also likes the New Milford High School student body, saying that he “…also really like the kids. New Milford kids are great. They’re real kids, real human beings. They’re great to work with and we have a lot of really smart kids in the district.” Former students of his reciprocated his thoughts and feelings, saying delightful things about Mr. Baratta. Amna Khan (‘19) states that “Mr. Baratta actually made physics fun and I learned more than just physics from his class because of all his stories. He is honestly the greatest of all time (GOAT). I genuinely miss his class.” Additionally, Christopher Issa (‘18) reiterates that “Mr. Baratta is the most patient teacher. He’s always willing to explain something a million times because you might get it right that millionth time.”

Finally, to leave you with a little bit of advice from Mr. Baratta: “Keep working and keep trying, especially in a subject like Physics where you might think the subject is harder than it is until you get into it. I’ve had a lot of students who have had a lot of success and it’s basically based on their work ethic and their desire to keep trying even though it might seem a little scary at first. Just keep going and keep trying and you will eventually pick it up.”

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