Alumni Spotlight: Inside the Mind of Will Esposito


Luke Tyler, Co-Editor

Many New Milford residents are familiar with the name William Esposito (‘09) and his organization HYPELITE, but not everyone knows the origin of his not-for-profit business. HYPELITE is a non-for-profit whose mission is to inspire students to take charge of their future by cultivating their passion and creativity into successful life and entrepreneurial practices.

When asked about his education, Mr. Esposito stated that “Looking back, high school was a time where I discovered more about who I was, what I liked and did not like…It wasn’t until after starting HYPELITE that I was then able to apply some of the things I learned in college running and starting a business.”

Esposito attributes the creation of HYPELITE to his experiences after high school. When in college, he wanted to do “something different than the typical partying.” Instead, he saw an opportunity to create something new. Will partnered with good friend and fellow New Milford Alum, Alex Bridge. Together they founded HYPELITE with the purpose of teaching young teens how to find their passion and turn it into a career. “We wanted to share these forces that were getting us excited at the time, with others and it only made sense to start with high school students because we wished we were exposed to these things at an earlier age.”

In 2013, co-gounder and longterm friend of Esposito, Alex Bridge, was shot and killed in New Milford. This was one of the most defining moments for Will and his organization. “Losing Alex Bridge…made me realize how precious life is and how our time here is limited. This tragedy gave me the push to pursue HYPELITE. Up until then, it was really just an idea among friends.” From that point forward, Esposito pushed multiple events to grow the organization. He first started with “New Milford Gives,” an extension of the national Giving Tuesday event that collects donations and raises awareness for homelessness in Bergen County. Later in 2016, he added an after-school program to New Milford High School with the purpose of empowering students with the entrepreneurial skills to pursue whatever they desire. “Bridging the G.A.P.P.” is an event to help high school teens explore their interests and passions in a career day-like fashion.

 “Working one-on-one with students was always a part of the plan but we just didn’t know how we would do it if we weren’t teachers. After our Bridging the G.A.P.P event in 2015, I had a few students who actually approached me after our BTG event about starting a club and it was just perfect timing.” The club continues to operate every Monday at 6PM and is currently planning the upcoming “New Milford Gives” event.

When asked about his plan for the future, he spoke about the creation of a “center for students and adults” that would allow collaboration on “creative project and entrepreneurial endeavors.” His goal for the platform is to help turn their “ideas into reality.”

With this in mind, it is no wonder that Will Esposito plays an important role in many students’ lives and is a valuable member of the New Milford community.