Fun D.I.Y. Gift Giving Ideas!

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Fun D.I.Y. Gift Giving Ideas!

Jessica Burger, Writer

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As the holiday season draws near, panic sweeps over many. Shopping malls flood with hurried customers rushing to get their family members expensive products that line the tops of Christmas lists. Gift giving is not always easy, especially when you’re doing it on a budget. This season beat the crowds and don’t break the bank! Give your friends and family something from the heart that they’ll love. With these four easy affordable D.I.Y. projects you can give a gift that’s truly unique.

D.I.Y. Candles:

This idea comes from an article posted on the blog Sweet Cheyenne written by Whitney Reist. Step-by-step directions on how to melt the candle wax and place the wick can be found here:

I love this D.I.Y. because you can get so personal with it! Experiment with fun vessels such as mason jars, tea tins, decorative mugs, or just about anything that is suitable to house your candle. Personalize the scent. Have an aunt that loves the smell of fresh pumpkin pie? Buy pumpkin pie scented wax at your local craft store and get creative. For my candle, I chose to use sandalwood scented wax housed in a sloppy joe container because my father loves sloppy joes. Not only is this gift thoughtful but practical as well.

Decorative Rock Bird Art:

Our next D.I.Y. comes from a blog run by a business called Davey Tree Service. Step by step instructions can be found here:

This D.I.Y. is awesome because chances are the supplies can be found in your very own backyard. The rock and the tree branch bring a natural feeling to the project, offering comfort and relaxation especially to those who enjoy the great outdoors. If you are feeling extra artistic you can add multiple rocks to give the feeling of a flock of birds resting on a tree branch. I’m gifting this to my friend because she goes outside often. Now she can experience mother nature from her living room. I finished the piece off by adding a cute Christmas themed gift tag, making this item worthy of a spot under the tree.

D.I.Y. Snow Globe:

Here we have a project posted on the blog Our Best Bites written by Sara Wells. Step by step directions are located here:

Spread holiday festivity with a simple homemade snow globe. This project is cheap as well as easy to make. Gift it to a loved one or place it around your home to add a touch of cheer. Place an object inside. (that isn’t water soluble of course) Tailor your snow globe to your exact likings. For mine, I chose to add a miniature Christmas tree and a sleeping baby elf. I purchased both items at my local dollar store for a very low price. I then positioned a cute bird figurine over the elf, almost as if he’s watching over him in his sleep. I’m giving this to my Mother because she always complains about the lack of Christmas decor in our home. This snow globe is super special because it tells a story as well as screams “Christmas Joy!”.

Personalized Christmas Cards:

Lastly, we have a personalized Christmas Card arrangement. This is my go-to gift giving option as it is versatile and always seems to be appreciated by the receiver. All you’ll need is a gift card of your choosing, a greeting card to house it, a small knick-knack or candy bar, and a message that will inspire warmth and kindness. I paired a Barnes and Noble gift card along with a hilarious bookmark. Then I placed them on a holiday card with a well thought out message. Mine reads, “Merry Christmas, I’m sorry I puked in your car”. The beauty of this gift lays in its ability to double as an apology.

There seems to be a stigma associated with homemade gifts. To be fair, nobody wants to give someone junk they’ll never use or end up throwing in the garbage. These four last minute gift ideas are fun and easy to make all while proving to be thoughtful items that people ACTUALLY want. Impress your friends with your craft skills. put a piece of your heart into each gift you give this holiday season. Get crafting!

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