Staff Feature: Officer Wilde

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Staff Feature: Officer Wilde

Jessica Burger, Writer

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It’s no mystery that the appeal of New Milford lies in the guarantee of safe streets and peace of mind; all thanks to the valiant efforts made by the New Milford Police Department. Among them is P. O. Wilde, who can be found patrolling the halls of New Milford High School Monday through Friday.

Wilde claims his interest in serving the community was cultivated at a young age when he was presented with the opportunity to participate in a ride along with his local police department while in high school. Later, he attended Elizabeth City State University at North Carolina, graduating with a major in criminal justice. Wilde reveals his favorite aspect of the job stating that “Everyday is different; the work of a police officer is diverse. One day you’ll be listening to the radio and the next you find yourself delivering a baby”. (For the record, Wilde has in fact delivered two babies in his line of work.)

In the fall, Officer Wilde spends his time on the football field coaching the NMHS Knights and was even recognized by The New York Giants as the “Lou Rettino High School Football Coach of the Week” in 2013.

When asked about Officer Wilde, former varsity Knights football player, Josh Burger (‘16), expressed his gratitude, “He is definitely one of the better coaches I’ve had. Under Wilde’s leadership, we were able to play at a competitive level without sacrificing the fun of the sport”.                           

Michael Serrano (‘18), current varsity Knights football player, commends Wilde’s encouraging nature, “Coach Wilde never gave up on anyone, when players were on the brink of quitting he’d do everything he could to keep them on the team”.

Wilde’s passion for football makes him an ideal coach “Coaching keeps me young, It’s always very fulfilling when I’m able to see my players move on to college football”.

Recently, the NMHS Knights faced a devastating loss to Hasbrouck Heights during the state qualifying game. A controversial call was made resulting in Height’s victory although many football savvy individuals agree that New Milford technically deserved the win. To intensify the matter, New Milford was seeking redemption from last year’s loss to Heights at MetLife Stadium. With his head held high, Wilde comments, “Our team shouldn’t be penalized for playing to the end. Although the outcome of the game can’t be changed, New Milford will be meeting with the state to ensure rules are put in place to prevent this from happening to other teams in the future.” Wilde’s sophistication in dealing with the matter reflects his true character as he values sportsmanship and integrity, two ideals that he works to instill in every student-athlete that runs on to the field for him.

Officer Wilde’s dedication to the youth of New Milford is noteworthy. On and off the field, the children of NMHS have benefited from Wilde’s professionalism, integrity, and leadership.

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