Mary Poppins is Here!


Brizette Tolentino, Editor-in-Chief

Get ready to step in time! This year’s musical is here! Mary Poppins was announced in December during the NMHS Winter Concert with auditions following a short time after and rehearsals beginning immediately after the roles were cast. The main cast showcases junior Madison Ryan as Mary Poppins and senior Russel Johnson as Bert. They are joined by last year’s leads of Shrek the Musical, John Woo and Erein James A. Ruiz, as Mr. Banks and Mr. Norfolk.

The show dates are March 15, 16, and 17th with tickets available for purchase starting February 14th. Want to support your friends in cast or crew? Ask about buying a $15 shoutout for the playbill from any cast member (including yours truly) or a Kiss the Cast treat, a dollar per bundle of Hershey Kisses, at the door!

Want to see a sneak peek of the show? On February 26th there will be the annual Benefit Concert where you can see the cast sing alongside talented alumni and Broadway performers. Josh Dela Cruz, Class of 2007 and Understudy of Aladdin of Broadway’s Aladdin, will be bringing nine of his friends and fellow castmates from Aladdin to perform that Monday. Besides Josh, you can see alumni such as Laura Eguia (Class of 2014), Doug Smith (Class of 2006), Hannah Faye Hurizing (nee Zurati) (Class of 2009), and our very own Dan Prete (Class of 2006)!

Tickets for the Step in Time Benefit Concert are on sale and available here.