How 18 Year Old Rapper, Lil Pump, Rose to Fame

Julio Ramos, Writer

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Gazzy Garcia, famously known as teenage music artist, Lil Pump, has started a trend for music that seems to appeal to the rap genre. Creating songs such as “Gucci Gang,” “D Rose,” and “Boss,” rapper Lil Pump was only 17 when his career really started to take off.

Born in Miami, Florida, Garcia started to attract almost all eyes of the hip hop community with his hit single, “Gucci Gang.” Bucking the trend of most successful artists, Garcia was able to become famous and rise to the top through hit singles, rather than albums or mixtapes.

Garcia’s repetitive sound and well-produced beats is what catches the ear of many listeners, many of whom are teenagers and young adults. Additionally, Lil Pump’s age also seems to influence a connection between him and his fans. Whether you think Lil Pump is a creator of “mumble rap” or “trash music,” the numbers do not lie when it comes to his success and popularity.