Senior Perspective: Katy Zitt

Kathryn Zitt, Writer

I am reaching the midpoint of my senior year, and as I look back on it I think about how weird and uncomfortable high school made me feel. High school broke me down, made me feel insecure, and raised my stress and anxiety levels to unstable levels. But now I realize that that was exactly what I needed in order to get through the year. Insecurity meant self-reflection. Anxiety would become a testament to how I reacted to high-pressure situations; being broken down got me used to trying to bring myself up.

Freshman year may have been one of the hardest years of my life. I was struggling with the transition and my grades started to reflect that. But, it was also freshman year that taught me how to reach out and find others who were willing to help me and wanted to see me succeed.  I learned that becoming closed off wasn’t healthy, and it would land me in more trouble than I needed. I learned it was okay to ask for help, and I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything.

Sophomore year was also another strange transition for me. I had been in my first ever honors course and for some reason, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough. But that taught me that everyone has their own strengths and just because I’m not at a certain level as others, it doesn’t make me lesser to them. I learned to hone and work on the skills I possessed because I have things that make me talented and unique. And as that year came to a close, I became really proud of the accomplishments I achieved.

Junior year was stressful and I felt very isolated. But at the midpoint of that year, I found friends who cared for me. It was with that group of people that I really started to be myself. They always keep me on my toes and taught me to be better; they encourage me and are proud of me when I do good things. It’s nice to have people to support you and there’s security in knowing you have others to fall back on.

So my senior perspective is some sage advice: Let yourself be anxious, insecure, and lonely. You learn how to work through it, how to be stronger, and how to reach out. High school is so hard because life is so hard. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed because being overwhelmed is a part of life and it’s a learning moment. I’m excited to take my years as a Knight with me to my next adventure at William Paterson University because those years really shaped me into who I am.