Senior Perspective: Luke Tyler

Luke Tyler, Co-Editor

As the second marking period comes to an end, I start to realize how little time I have left at New Milford. On one hand, it’s really going to be hard leaving all my teachers and friends, but I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life.

The first cross country practice my freshman year was the catalyst for my high school career. It was such a unique experience being part of a team and that’s why it stuck with me so easily. I remember the hard summer workouts led by Nick Ramirez (‘15) and the painful 9 mile long runs with Jay Guevara (‘17). The best memories from the running program were the 2nd place finish at Bergen County Groups for Cross Country and the trip to Egg Harbour for State Groups during Outdoor Track.

However, the music wing has been the home of my other family here at NMHS. I did Chorus mostly throughout high school, but in all honesty, I did not enjoy singing that much. What really attracted me to the music program was having a place for me and my friends to always eat lunch and hang out after school. I could never forget the classic goofs from Erein Ruiz (‘18) and John Woo (‘18), but most of all, the awesome Mrs. Schwartz.

Last but not least are the amazing teachers I have come to known. When it comes to my classes, I will credit Mrs.Westbrook for always pushing me to challenge myself. When I first had her my sophomore year for Film Studies, I was intimidated by her, but eventually, I learned to communicate more with my teachers. She has always given me the courage to take harder classes and to work on personal projects of my own. And of course, she always reassured me when college applications controlled my life. Ms. Fleming welcomed me with open arms within the first weeks at NMHS and she always encourages me to do better. I will never forget waiting outside the library every morning and doing creative things just to make her laugh. It’s going to be hard leaving her here, but at least I know it will be harder for her to see me graduate.

When I look back on high school I have to be honest and say that I have no idea how I came this far, but all I can say is that I did it. You never realize it when you’re in the moment, but when you reflect over time, you wonder where it all went. I’m really thankful for how much this school has helped me develop and grow into a more caring and thoughtful person. I have not decided on where I’m attending next year, but all I know is that I will miss my home here.

For the upcoming students at NMHS, I hope you all realize your limitless potential and you choose to be the best version of yourself.