What’s Cooking with Mrs. Beiner

Lilian McGough, Writer

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Mrs. Beiner has been a teacher at New Milford High School for 14 years. She received her educational degrees from Montclair State University.  She is well known as the Culinary Arts teacher here at New Milford High School but she also teaches subjects such as Family Consumer Science, where she teaches her students to develop practical, real-life skills. Prior to teaching at New Milford, Mrs. Beiner taught clothing construction in the Passaic School District. Throughout her years of teaching, she also taught for one year at Berkley Elementary School as a first-grade teacher where it was a very different learning environment having to adjust to the skill level.

When asked why she decided to become a teacher, she said that she “enjoys working with kids and considered being a math teacher.”  In high school, Mrs. Beiner took a class similar to her Early Childhood Development class and this class is what inspired her to become a teacher.

When not teaching in her classroom, Mrs. Beiner can be seen as the Color Guard Advisor of the New Milford High School marching band. A color guard advisor is there to supervise the girls and make sure they stay focused on the game. She makes sure the girls are taking care of themselves and being responsible.

Mrs. Beiner is also the producer of the Spring Musical. She first started out doing the costumes but eventually made her way towards producing. As the producer, she has the task of making sure the bills are paid, the sets are ready, that they have who are needed for the orchestra pit and that they get paid, and make sure that everyone is ready and has a good time as well.  

When asked what he thought about Mrs. Beiner, freshman Bryon Cabigting had this to say, “Mrs. Beiner is a really nice person once you get to know her, you can really learn a lot from her! Just don’t get on her bad side!”

Mrs. Beiner is one of the school’s busiest teachers but she teaches her students true life skills and values and is always there for her students when they need her help.

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