Evolving Game Genre–Battle Royale!


Jade Torres, Writer

Surely you or someone you know has heard of Fortnite Battle Royale and Player’s Unknown Battleground. If not, where have you been lately?

The premise of the gameplay lies in the survivability element to incite a sense of excitement for the player. Starting with nothing, the player is left to their own devices to scavenge and survive in a hostile environment in order to come out on top. In a single match, 100 players are introduced to fend off against each other, ultimately culminating in only one winner. The massive map area decreases over time as the match progresses, forcing players to confront one another in order to claim the title of being the match winner.

What hooks players not only resides in the competitive gameplay itself but the different customization options available to the players in-game. This freedom allows the players to express themselves on the digital plain, prompting an even more immersive and rewarding gameplay experience.

Unlike most games where the product is usually standalone without much updates to its current gameplay, these battle royale games are constantly evolving in order to stay relevant. The genre of battle royale games has become so relevant that in-game emotes have adopted trending memes and dance, which allow for more customization options, providing a more up to date, crisp feeling to the gameplay. It gives a reassurance to the players that the developers of battle royale games show that they do care about the player demographic and are not solely engrained in the for-profit aspect of the industry. 

Right now, the two biggest titles are big contenders to each other in the genre: Fortnite and PUBG. Fortnite caters to a more easy-going, casual crowd that seems to enjoy competitive play with cartoonish combat that doesn’t sacrifice the immersion of thrill and combat. Its combat system is a clear-cut shootout that allows for recovery in the face of an error. However, PUBG takes a hard stance on its realism aspect, focusing more on a relatively modern combat system and realistic graphics. The complexity of PUBG can be seen in the vast mechanic skill load needed to play effectively, where (sometimes) only discipline and split-second decisions can decide the outcome of a firefight.

With an amassed audience of over 50 million and growing, the popularity of these battle royale-style games has only just begun. Soon, this genre will see a big boom in profits and industry once it hits professional team play in ESports. It could even see itself next to massive titles such as League of Legends and Counter Strike at the top of the game chain.