History with Mrs. Luzuriaga

Lilian McGough, Writer

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Mrs. Luzuriaga, or Mrs. L as her students sometimes call her, has been a history teacher at New Milford High School for nine years. Mrs. Luzuriaga got both her educational degrees, a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education, from Rutgers University. She is well-known as one of the many history teachers here at New Milford High School but she is also known as the Sociology teacher. In her Sociology class, Mrs. Luzuriaga teaches the study of human behavior and how society shapes it. The class is all about social forces, peer influence, media, politics, your friends, family, religion, and anything else that influences human behavior. Prior to teaching at New Milford, Mrs. Luzuriaga taught in Ocean Township School District where she taught U.S. History II and U.S. History III.

Mrs. Luzuriaga decided to become a teacher in the fourth grade when a teacher motivated her to make a difference for students like her teacher did for her. The reason Mrs. L decided to become a teacher was because she wanted to help students because school wasn’t always easy for her when she was younger, and wanted to try a make learning more relatable for her students.   

Mrs. Luzuriaga has recently returned from maternity leave and says that it is good to be back, but it took a while to adjust to the new schedule. She also found it hard because now she has two little kids at home, but everyone has been very welcoming in her coming back.

Additionally, this is Mrs. L’s first year teaching economics, but in the past, Mrs. L has taught U.S. History I, U.S. History II, and Modern World History. If Mrs. Luzuriaga didn’t teach History she said she would teach Spanish or possibly English.

Timothy Castaneda (‘19) says “I love Mrs. L. She is funny in a corny kind of way. Can always make me laugh/smile. She is willing to work with students’ schedules. She works hard to keep us engaged and interested. She is one of my favorite teachers.”

Mrs. Luzuriaga can usually be found in her room working with her students, as she is always willing to work with them when needed.

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