Supreme in the NBA


Paolo Maniago, Writer

During the Washington Wizards game against the Brooklyn Nets on December 12, Kelly Oubre Jr., of the Washington Wizards, wore a Supreme leg sleeve that reads “Supreme” across the body of it. Midway through the game, Oubre Jr. was forced to remove the sleeve, potentially incurring a fine from the NBA. 

“I got it yesterday, man, at my favorite store. I didn’t know the league wasn’t going to accept them because they had an NBA logo on them and the Nike logo, so I thought it was going to be verified or whatever. Obviously, they didn’t accept them,” Oubre Jr. later told SLAM magazine.

Supreme is a high-end streetwear/skate/fashion brand that is known for being very pricey. Located in several places around the world, many famous athletes, celebrities, and artists wear the brand, which makes it even more popular and in demand.

Kelly Oubre Jr. is looked upon as a fashion icon and according to NBC Sports, Twitter went crazy over his Supreme leg sleeve. Accounts like SLAM Magazine, Bleacher Report, and the NBC Sports Wizards were all tweeting about it and it became widely known among many NBA fans. From a fan’s perspective, they look up to players like Oubre Jr. and often want to be just like them. So what do these fans do? They go out and buy the same things that their favorite players wear and listen to the music they listen to. Professional athletes like Kelly Oubre Jr. have the power to be a role model and set an example to younger viewers and if they have the freedom to wear whatever they want to express themselves then these kids will do the same. They’ll have the confidence and power to express themselves if their idols do. This is why the league should let NBA players wear what they want, not only to express themselves but to set an example for younger generations.