US Women’s Soccer Team Fighting for Equal Pay

Jessica Moskal, Writer

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The US women’s soccer team has a drastically different pay compared to the men’s team.  In past years, the women were paid $15,000 for making the World Cup roster. As a contrast, the men were paid $76,000. Reaching the Round of 16–the quarterfinals–the men receive a $3.6-$5m bonus while the women receive nothing. By winning the World Cup, the women receive $1.8m and the men receive $9.3m. These pays are a big drop and are not fair to the women putting in all the work and receiving so much less than other teams.  The women’s team has also become more watched, more profitable, and more successful than the men’s team due to their success on the international stage. They profited $20 million more than the men’s team in one year. However, in the same time period, the men were paid nearly four times as much in salary and bonuses.  When looking at those numbers, it does not make sense why the women are getting paid significantly less than the men.  

Several of the players have recently come out and spoken about the gap in pay. Goalkeeper Hope Solo stated that “We are the best in the world, have three World Cup championships, four Olympic championships…the men get paid more to just show up than we get paid to win major championships.” These women are voicing how the women will put their all in and be the best but still not be treated fairly because they aren’t the men’s team. To outsiders, it is believed that what is happening to the team is sexist and discriminatory. Despite the fact that the numbers, statistics, and profit do not lie, the United States Soccer Federation still does not match the women’s salaries with the men’s. Even the men’s team has voiced their support for the women’s team as men’s goalkeeper Time Howard spoke about the underpaid women’s team. He stated that “Anytime, no matter the gender or the race, someone feels they are underpaid, it is a problem, and I feel they should fight for their rights, no matter what. Other than that, they have their battle to fight, and they should do that.” Everyone is able to see that this is a problem and it needs to be handled the right way.

This wage discrimination has been going on for several years and to those watching, it is plain to see that the women’s team has always been treated unfairly when compared to the men’s.  This is 2018 and everyone should be treated equally for the similar work that they are accomplishing (even though the women’s team is far more accomplished than the men’s). The women’s team has filed a case to make a change in the system with the judge increasing the chances that both sides (the players and USSF) go to trial. Additionally, the Senate passed a nonbinding resolution that calls U.S. Soccer to “immediately end gender pay inequity and to treat all athletes with the respect and dignity those athletes deserve.” 

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