How Yoga Keeps You Balanced


Paolo Maniago, Writer

What is yoga?  The word yoga comes from the Hindi yoga, originally from pre-Indo-European yeug, meaning “union” or “to join.”  Classic yoga from the East follows ancient Hindu discipline, incorporating physical exercises and postures, breathing techniques, and meditation designed to move someone towards peace of mind and spiritual enlightenment. Yoga is a different form of exercise that is able to help you stay in shape but also be calm and relaxed at the same. It is very helpful for the body to be able to stretch and release all the negative energies in the body.  Yoga may also help reverse heart disease.

In a TIME article titled “The Power of Yoga, it references a study that states “Adherence to the yoga and meditation program was as strongly correlated with the changes in the amount of blockage as was the adherence to diet.” Yoga may help to control inflammation throughout the body as well.  It also helps you balance and be stable when standing or doing some of the poses and helps with pains that are able to be stretched out during the sessions.

Yoga is mainly used as a big stress reliever and is able to help improve your mood. Many people who participate in yoga every day are happier and more relaxed and don’t get stressed easily when compared to others. Many businesses even supply a yoga session to be able to keep their employees calm and relaxed during the work hours. More companies should take part in it because nowadays, people are so stressed about every little thing that they need something to help them get away from it. It is very calming and everyone should try it. It could help you in a small way or it could change your whole life and you will be so much happier. Yoga allows people to keep their lives balanced, especially since many people have so much on their plate and by going to yoga sessions, they are able to keep everything together.  People fall apart when they have too much to do, but yoga gives people the chance to be able to do anything and manage it. Everyone should take the time and try this because it will help their mentality and make their lives better.