Makin’ Music with Mrs. Haderthauer

Lilian McGough, Writer

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Mrs. Haderthauer, or Mrs. H as her students call her, has been the band director at New Milford High School for six years but has been teaching in New Milford for fourteen years. She is known at David E. Owens Middle School as the Band Director and for teaching the elective Music of the World. She is also known at the High School as the Concert Band Director, Marching Band Director, and for teaching Rock of Ages and Music Theory and Technology. Mrs. H has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with an emphasis in flute performance from Ithaca College and a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Boston University. Prior to teaching at New Milford, Mrs. Haderthauer taught for one year in Allendale, New Jersey for a maternity leave, teaching middle school music. 

The reason Mrs. H became a teacher was because her middle school teacher was very inspirational. When asked when she decided to become a teacher, her response was: “Middle school, seventh grade.”

During football season at NMHS, Mrs. H can been seen directing the Marching Knights on the field for halftime along with assistant director Mr. DeJoseph, Color Guard Advisor New Milford’s very own Mrs. Beiner, and with her husband, percussion director, Mr. Haderthauer. When not performing at halftime, Mrs. H leads the Marching Knight in competition at both Bergenfield and Bloomfield. While marching band can be tiring, she says it is very rewarding and a much-fulfilling endeavor.

When asked to explain the importance of music in schools, her response was that she has had alumni come back and say that the only reason they got through middle school was because of band. She explains that one of the hardships of being a musician for her is remembering what it’s like not to know certain aspects when performing music.

Mrs. H also says that if she didn’t become a music teacher, that she would most likely become a party planner because she likes organizing things.

Freshman John Papay says that “She’s a good teacher.” Indeed, Mrs. Haderthauer is a good teacher to her students as she is always willing to help her students when needed.

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