HIIT and Circuit Training


Jessica Moskal, Writer

People train for many different reasons. They train to lose weight, to get toned, to gain muscle, or just to stay in shape. Everyone does these things in their own ways. It can be done through cardio, weights, yoga, and many other ways. We are able to go to the gym, get a trainer, and change the way we look. We have the opportunity to change the way we look and feel to make us be comfortable in our own skin. Exercises have the ability to change people’s mentalities and help them get stronger both physically and mentally.

Some forms of training are High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. It is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. It is made up of bursts of quick exercises with short breaks in between. It is used to wake your body up and get everything going and moving. It brings the heart rate up to feel the power that you have within you.  Many people use this to burn calories quickly in an effort to lose weight. It has many benefits and is good for your health to incorporate it into your weekly routine. This workout helps you boost your metabolism by allowing your body to get more oxygen.  You are able to do HIIT workouts anywhere, you just need to sprint, run up the stairs, or complete any other exercise that gets your heart rate up. It is a great way to help you grow and reach your goals.

Another form of exercise is Circuit Training. Circuit training is a group of exercises put together and done one after the other without breaks in between. It is used to push your weighted workouts to make your muscles stronger. Examples could be sets of upper-body; press-ups, bench dips, pull-ups, medicine ball chest pass, bench lift, or an inclined press-up. This is good to use because it burns up to 30% more calories than just simple weight training.

There are also many other forms of exercise to do but these are just the main ones people use to burn the most calories possible in the shortest period of time; through these, you have the ability to change your life in a relatively short period and give you the healthy body that you want.